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How dirty is your database? Free!

With one click, Dupe Dive scans your Lead records and provides business intelligence on the state of your data quality complete with a duplicates dashboard, 'did you know' facts, awards, you can even benchmark your data against other Salesforce orgs.

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Run reports on standard and custom Salesforce field usage Free!

Ever wish you could run reports on the fields you have in Salesforce? Field Trip lets you analyze the fields of any object, including what percentage of the records (or a subset of your records) have that field populated.

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Mass remove duplicates with clicks, not calculus.

Data Cleanse allows for quick and easy deduplication of Salesforce records, including Leads, Contacts and Accounts. Our heuristic pattern matching will generate a comprehensive report of potential duplicates in your database and then gives you the option to merge hundreds of duplicates at once so they can be easily processed according to your company’s specific needs. Data Cleanse is simple and doesn’t require training.

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“Real time” duplicate prevention is too late

Ever wish Salesforce could warn you, as-you-type, when you're entering a duplicate Lead, Account, or Contact? Now it can. In real-time, as information is being manually entered, Unique Entry will seek and display possible duplicate records.

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Seamlessly enforce data standards

Data Shield is a data standards firewall that protects your CRM or marketing automation platform from non-standard data. It provides you with the opportunity to standardize all the information imported into your CRM. For example, there are many different ways to write the title “Marketing Director” (Director of Marketing, Marketing Director, Dir Mktg.) and if it isn’t standardized, segmentation will be a nightmare.

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Import lists… minus the duplicates.

Unique Upload prevents the creation of duplicate records when uploading lists into Salesforce. Powerful options allow you to control what happens when duplicates or related records are found. Creating tasks or appending data to fields on existing records in lieu of creating a duplicate results in clean data with no information loss.

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Effortlessly handle duplicates from web forms

Unique Web-to-Lead integrates with Salesforce Web-to-Lead to prevent the creation of duplicate records, and will automatically update an existing Contact or Lead in Salesforce. If a match is found, fields can be updated while archiving overwritten or new information. The Salesforce Campaign module is fully supported and Tasks or email notifications can be created. New Contacts can be created in existing Accounts and new Leads from same company can be identified and linked.

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Copy and paste contact information into Salesforce Free!

Contact Capture® is a free app that allows users to easily copy information from email signatures, web pages and spreadsheets, paste it into the Contact Capture text box, and have your information auto-magically parsed into your Salesforce fields.

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Mine the internet for fresh contact data

Profiler is the only application of its kind that can quickly identify a company’s web footprint, searching company web pages, news articles, directories, SEC filings, social networks, and more, to locate fresh and relevant contact data. The intelligent web scraping and parsing technology identifies key personnel and their job titles, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and much more.

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The sales enablement tool you have been dreaming about.

Capture makes prospect research a breeze. With a few clicks you can capture company and contact information from web pages, social profiles and search engine result pages and then auto-magically append additional contact information from all across the web.

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RingLead has helped over 2,000 companies – large, small, and everything in between – in 22 countries across five continents. But don't take our word for it, here are some kind words from our happy clients.

With RingLead we don't have to manage our own [duplicate] matching criteria. With Dupeblocker and PeopleImport we would have to setup all of our own layers of match criteria, I'm always worried I'm missing an important criteria that will cause things to merge that shouldn't be merged. RingLead manages the criteria for me and it just works.

Jason Paquette, Salesforce MVP & Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant

"Every client needs clean data. The only solution we present is RingLead. RingLead = Happy Clients!"

Deepa Patel, Salesforce MVP, Certified Salesforce Consultant
Halak Consulting

"I'd recommend to any marketer or Salesforce admin who is responsible for keeping the data clean. Get RingLead as soon as possible!"

Patricia Hyde, Field Marketing Manager

"We had many duplicate records and with a growing sales team, the number of dupes was only going to continue to grow unless we had a better de-duplication process than SFDC's standard process. With RingLead our reporting is more accurate, we don't have prospects being annoyed by two different reps calling them, and our reps don't get upset by co-workers calling their contacts."

Jordan Easley, Business Intelligence Analyst