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How to Navigate a Successful Salesforce Implementation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted By Amanda Nelson (Apr 24,2014)

Salesforce ImplementationThere are many ways to navigate a Salesforce implementation but the right way may not be so easy. And no matter the size of your company or the size of your Salesforce platform, you must plan, commit and be ready before you kick off Salesforce. The good news is there are some simple steps to ensure a successful start.

1. Optimize your time

Focus on the things that will have the biggest impact on the biggest portion of your user base. Plan your implementation from the vision, goals and how you'll execute. Consider the players involved in the implementation and delegate specific roles. 

2. Talk to your Salesforce admins

There are many different types of users in Salesforce, from admins to managers to trainers, so make sure the end users (your admins) are involved from the start. After all, they are the ones that will live and breathe Salesforce everyday. Not only are they important, but they have helpful ideas to ensure a smooth implementation.

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Salesforce User: Are You My Data Steward?

Posted By Sharon Klardie (Apr 23,2014)

Data Steward

Dear Salesforce User,

Do you have the ability to enter data into Salesforce? Can you create records? Update fields? Generate Reports?  

Do you realize the power that has been bestowed upon you?  

When you are given the ability to create information in your company’s Salesforce org – which is what you are doing when you interact with data – you are given real power. Power to both create value and to cause harm.  

Information is what we use to empower business transformation and evolution.  And, as you have likely heard, “With great power comes great responsibility.”    

When you are in the throes of your day-to-day job, balancing the to-do list taller than you are, a few records of data might not seem that important.  Maybe there is a system rule that Zip Code is required for new prospects and instead of finding the correct value to input, you think to yourself, I’ll just input 12121 to save some time.  

You might consider the impact of having marketing believe that Melrose, NY is a veritable hotspot of activity.

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The Key Role Data Accessibility Plays in Data Quality

Posted By Gregg Thaler (Apr 22,2014)

data qualityThe more time I spend obsessing about data quality, the more I realize that you could have almost as many words for the major categories of data quality as the Eskimos do for snow. (Which, as it turns out, is only five or six.) It seems that it depends on whether you are talking about Inuit or Yupic.

"♫ "still haven't found what I am looking for…♫" Thanks to Bono and the gang for the musical accompaniment. 

Perception is Reality

Most of the major data quality categories have to do with the actual data itself.  Is it standardized? Unique? Complete? Accurate? Presented appropriately? Is it accessible? What does data's accessibility have to do with its quality? Everything, really.  

Many of the definitions of "data quality" that I have read include some reference to the perception of the user that the data is fit to use. Perception is, as they say, reality. 

After spending 40 seconds looking for a datum hiding in the bushes muttering in frustration the whole time, it is impossible to conjure up a phrase describing my perception of the experience that could possibly contain the word "quality," except if it were preceded by the phrase, "complete lack of."

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