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The value of tracking sales metrics cannot be overstated, after all, the growth of hiring inside sales teams continues to rise. RingDNA asked some of the top sales coaches, CEOs and thought leaders about the top sales metrics to track, and created an ebook on the topic.

sales metrics quotes - infographicRingDNA’s sales ebook, 14 Top Sales Leaders Reveal Their Most Essential Sales Metrics, included great insights from Craig Elias, Jill Konrath, Aaron Ross and even our own VP of Sales, Jaime Muirhead. For this ebook, RingDNA asked 14 sales leaders a simple question:

What is the one sales metric that you wish more companies would track?

Here are some of our favorite and most inspirational quotes from this helpful sales resource.

“The number one metric I think more sales leaders should measure is how often they are the first vendor into an opportunity – aka first in.”

Craig Elias, Creator, Trigger Event Selling™

“There is a particular metric which can both be counted (the easy part) and also counts (the part that really matters). That metric is Percentage of Reps at or above 90% of quota.”

Matt Bertuzzi, 
Marketing and Operations, The Bridge Group

“People who focus on ‘getting better’ goals (also known as Personal Bests) as opposed to performance goals have a much better chance of success.”

Jill Konrath, 
CEO and Chief Sales Officer

“…Conversion of proposal to close…will allow sales management to do a deep dive into a sales rep’s process to see what is working and what is not with a high degree of specificity.”

Paul Alves, CEO, AG Salesworks

“If you can predict the rate at which you create (or create and grow) qualified pipeline, and you know your average close rate(s), then you can start predicting your revenue.”

Aaron Ross, CEO, Predictable Revenue Inc.

“Sales managers should track the number of first meetings with “right fit” prospects a sales person is engaged in on a monthly basis…This metric alone will serve as a powerful, early-warning system to sales performance.”

Adrian Davis, President and CEO, Whetstone Inc.

“…We should not just measure the number of meetings a rep gets (quantity) but also measure the amount of meetings they get with Executives (quality).”

John Barrows, Owner, Sales From the Streets

“Improving the quality and frequency of customer engagement is a metric that we are starting to see sales organizations adopt and measure in order to be truly customer-focused.”

Penny Herscher, President and CEO, FirstRain

“If I could pick one number I wish more sales managers would monitor more closely, it would be measuring their profit margin against delivered projects or products.”

Gereldine Gray, CEO and Principal Consultant, Endiem

“The single most important sales metric for sales managers is the velocity of conversion through the funnel stages.”

Jaime Muirhead, VP of Sales, RingLead

Get the ebook to read more about these sales metrics here.

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