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After Dreamforce, Nancy Zambrano, content marketing journalist at ShoreTel, wrote this blog post about the best swag of Dreamforce 2013.

Around the same time, Business Software released the Dreamforce 2013 Swag Awards. Last week, our CEO, Donato Diorio, shared his tips on the best swag for businesses to give away at Dreamforce: good, working pens. These are just a few examples of great ideas for planning Dreamforce giveaways.

If you’re a business attending Dreamforce and you’re planning your Dreamforce giveaway (or “swag”) items, here are some ideas.

1. Device Chargers

One of the biggest challenges at conferences is keeping your device charged. Have a charging station at your booth or give away external chargers such as Mophies or even less expensive brands, such as the one I use, Takashi.

takashi charger

2. Umbrellas

Despite the months of planning and prep work for Dreamforce, no one could prevent the wet and dreary weather of Dreamforce 2013. While we hope for sunshine this year, you never know what the weather may bring, but you can help attendees prepare for it with helpful gear. Laserfische gave away umbrellas last year.

branded umbrella

3. T-Shirts

T-shirts are a fan favorite. They have longevity. We are excited to be giving away t-shirts at our booth (which is W827 in Cloud Expo West). Come find it and grab yours!

ringlead branded t-shirt

4. Gift Cards

With gift cards, $5 goes a long way. It’s something recipients will carry around and use. It’s a feel-good experience as they buy a coffee or a few songs on iTunes. I loved this gift card below from the Marketo Road Show in Boston.

marketo gift card for starbucks

5. Stuff for the Kids

According to the 2013 Bureau Labor of Statistics, 96% of married-couple families with children have at least one employed parent. Therefore, you can be pretty sure that the majority of conference attendees have kids back at home. Speak to the kids with foam footballs, sunglasses, stuffed animals, and more. Here’s Nancy Zambrano‘s swag collection from this post, which has plenty of kid-friendly fun.

branded stuff for kids

6. Helpful Content

Sharing insightful, helpful content is invaluable. Give attendees direct access to your ebooks, webinar recordings, reports and whitepapers with a landing page or email. These giveaways don’t take up any physical space and they’re a perfect read for the flight home.

content - ipad with salesforce logo

7. One-of-a-Kind Items

Last year, the Capgemini booth offered up caricatures drawings, as Business Software shared in this post. Unique art offers a place for branding, and it’s something the attendees will very likely take home.

swag - branded bag

8. Books

More and more conferences have pop up bookstores for you to get the latest books from speakers and experts at their event. Turn your booth into that bookstore with book giveaways from experts in your field. At RingLead, we all read Data Driven by Thomas Redman. It gets our teams aligned and focused. Whether it’s for e-readers or in print, give away books that inspire you and represent what you stand for as a company. Here are some of my favorite books from events.

business books

9. Good Pens

Donato Diorio believes that good, working pens are great giveaways. Cheap, crappy pens result in a bad user experience and a negative interpretation of your brand. After all, no one feels good when a pen dies. Invest in good pens, such as Donato’s favorite, the Fischer Space Pen. It is compact, works great, and he has not used any other pen for an entire year.

dreamforce branded pen

10. Get Creative

No matter what you choose to give away, take the advice from this Salesforce infographic and get creative with your Dreamforce swag!

dreamforce - infographic

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networking at conferences

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