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salesforce user adoption - infographicBluewolf recently released The State of Salesforce, an annual analysis of how the best companies use Salesforce. With over 450 Salesforce customers surveyed via Clicktools and collected and analyzed by Bluewolf and the MIT Sloan School of Management, this report is brimming with insights.

This reports shows that data cleansing, customer satisfaction, customer engagement, productivity, cloud computing and technology adoption are clear focus points for Salesforce customers, as well as challenges.

While I encourage you to read the full report here, you can get the highlights while jogging to your next meeting with the stats below.

1. 90% of Salesforce customers believe Salesforce is more valuable today than it was one year ago

2. The 2nd largest issue among Salesforce customers is bad data

3. 39% of Salesforce customers say data cleansing is the most important app in the AppExchange

4. Data cleansing is the 2nd hottest app investment in the Salesforce AppExchange

5. 91% of companies have at least one AppExchange app installed

6. 29% have five or more apps installed

7. 91% invest the most money in the Salesforce AppExchange; it’s the hottest area for continued spend

8. 52% are planning to build a custom app with the Salesforce Platform

9. 69% of Salesforce customers will increase their Salesforce budget

10. 84% believe customer engagement will overtake productivity as the primary driver of growth

11. 60% rank customer engagement as a top priority

12. 71% of sales customers want real-time customer information on their mobile device

13. 93% believe cloud computing is critical to accelerating innovation

14. 47% have a comprehensive Salesforce adoption strategy

15. 1 in 4 Salesforce customers are challenged with user adoption

16. 38% have never accessed Salesforce from a mobile device

17. 42% of Salesforce customers pay for employees to get Salesforce certified

18. 89% provide formal training to their admins and developers

19. 79% of sales customers get Salesforce training

20. 55% of marketers get Salesforce training

21. 68% of customer service reps get Salesforce training

22. 95% want easy access to the latest version of their files and documents in Salesforce

23. 21% plan on purchasing Salesforce Communities in the coming year

24. 83% of customers do not have telephone integration in Salesforce

25. 59% resonate with’s “customer company” message

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