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‘Tis the season for making lists. Personally and professionally, we must gather the people in mind for gift giving, card sending, or holiday party throwing.

list building - lego figuresSince this task must be done every year, you would think we would be masters at this, especially in this technological age. We should click one button to download our list for the cards, or to pull the list for the party, and so on. Yes, we need a pair of eyes to tweak the list, updating old information, or deleting or adding someone new, but this should be rather simple, given we do this year after year.

Yet somehow, maintaining all this information and data, isn’t as easy as it seems to be. At least we’re not alone. We all struggle to keep our lives organized and tidy. Maybe some things can get a little out of order, but when it comes to our contacts, customers, or business relationships, we really don’t want our lack of attention to cost us money down the line.

Tackling our inboxes is a rant onto itself, but to stay focused on creating our tidy lists this season, there are some things we must remember.

1. Automate wherever you can

Just like there are services that maintain your holiday card list, and will even mail them directly for you, there are business services to do the same within your customer contacts. Just as you would outsource someone to help clean your home, the economies of scale have made it very affordable for us to automate the cleanliness of your contact data.

2. Save and organize

We’ve all seen how having two heads is better than one, and sometimes that second pair of eyes can be the software utilized to improve something you didn’t perhaps see yourself. My favorite card sending website simplified my holiday card process, plus, I can add recipients with a click of the button, and not have to manually write out a new address or buy stamps. They also kept all my previous photos on hand, making it easy to see what I did in years past.

3. Protect your contact data

I have lost my hand written lists through the years, and even lost copies on my computer. But by having my data stored in a safe and clean place year after year, my job easier, and I felt more secure.

My hope for everyone this holiday season, is that list making — whether in business or your personal life — can get a little simpler. I hope we are not slaves to the software, database, or lists that we all must create, but instead we become masters of our domain. We find the businesses, and software that is out there available to us to make each day a bit easier, both at work, and at home. To make whatever list we have to form, a couple clicks away, and the job is done.

Now, we can spend this season leaving the tedious details to software, and spend our time, face to face, and party after party with the ones we love. Happy Holidays!

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