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This month, one of our favorite partners, Marketo, is back on the road for the Marketing Nation Roadshow.

rockstar - man playing guitar on stageThe roadshow is a series of stops across the country attracting the best and brightest marketing rockstars like Rand Fishkin of Moz, Jeffrey Eisenberg, author and marketing thought leader, and Tim Hayden, Principal Strategist of TTH Strategy. It is clearly the place to be if you’re intent on sharpening your marketing skills.

A marketing rockstar is someone who has mastered the marketing technology landscape: digital advertising, content marketing, social media and marketing technologies. They pull it all together to unleash a firestorm of leads within their organization.

What does it take to become a rockstar? In reality, becoming a marketing rockstar is actually not much different than becoming an actual rockstar. Here is a short list of the things that you absolutely must do to get on the road to stardom.

1. Master your instrument(s)

Technologies like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Marketo, and Salesforce are the backbone of successful digital marketing organizations. You’ll need to have an expert-level knowledge of these platforms before you can really kick your marketing initiatives into high gear. To be an effective and agile marketer, you can’t rely on the IT department or your Salesforce admin to implement what you need. Dig in and make things happen on your own.

2. Assemble your band

Today’s digital marketing team should be equal parts creative and tech-savvy. Without sufficient content and creative, your digital marketing efforts will fail.

3. Practice, practice, practice

Iterate or Die is a great ebook from our friends at Bluewolf, and the title is more relevant to digital marketing than any other department. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Get out there and try new things. One of the most ridiculous blog posts that I ever published was on April Fool’s Day 2013, and it generated some of the highest web traffic and social shares of the year. Test, measure, and tweak your strategy accordingly. You never know what might work.

4. Connect with your audience

Many companies continue to use social media as a broadcast tool. They tweet and post their content (or worse, they post only sales offers) hoping to get some type of social engagement. One of the best things about social media is the ease at which you can connect with people in real time. Blocking out time every day to make personal connections with your audience, to spark conversations with people interested in the same topics that you are, will go a long, long way in building your fame.

Meet some of the best marketing rockstars in your area by coming to the Marketing Nation Roadshow (did we mention there are free drinks? Very Rock-n-Roll). The RingLead team will be at most of the stops across the country, so give us a shout on Twitter or LinkedIn if you’re attending. You’ll meet:

Seattle, WA, 6/19: Jaime Muirhead, VP of Sales

Austin, TX, 6/24: Jaime Muirhead, VP of Sales

Dallas, TX, 6/26: Jaime Muirhead, VP of Sales

Boston, MA, 7/24: Amanda Nelson, Director of Marketing

New York City, NY, 9/4: Joe Fusaro, Marketing Operations & Amanda Nelson, Director of Marketing

San Francisco, CA, 9/23: Gregg Thaler, Chief Revenue Officer

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