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Although we didn’t have the verbiage for it then, marketing traces back to the ancient Egyptians. To tell this interesting story and show how marketing began, Perkuto, Josh Hill and RingLead created the Evolution of Marketing infographic.

marketing evolution - infographicIt all started with our European ancestors discerning consumers; favoring bread from specific bakers, and seeking out Lowenbrau by its distinctive lion logo. From brand awareness and distinction came the next phase in marketing’s evolution: promoting and selling brands to larger audiences with emerging technologies.

The 20th Century saw the first examples of studying the academia of marketing. From those first inklings, technology has expanded its reach into every facet of our lives. Through it all, the cornerstone for any successful marketing strategy was its agility; the key metric for success.

With technology as a catalyst, marketing strategy and execution continues to evolve at a faster pace than ever before. Marketing offers change and permutated to the needs of their audience. What will this new year hold? Only time will tell.

marketing evolution - full infographic

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