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All prospects have objectives. Whether it’s to get rid of a pain, solve a problem, or meet a goal, objectives are guaranteed across all prospects.

objective selling - path in the grassTherefore, if you focus on objectives, you’ll be dealing with a much bigger part of the market, in a much more positive way.

Here are five reasons why focusing on objective selling is the path to sales success.

1. Objectives drive your planning and your strategic activities. Objectives are generally tied to a specific goal, whether that is increasing your market share, decreasing your expenses, increasing profits, etc.

2. Because objectives are tied to goals, they can be measured in a relatively simple way.

3. Objectives are the most powerful and positive force that any salesperson can harness in delivering value not only to their customers, but also to their company.

4. Objectives are much more powerful than pain or needs or solutions, because every business, every business owner, and every businessperson has objectives.

5. Objectives are uplifting and long lasting. If you can help somebody reach one objective, they’re likely to look to you for others objectives. It’s a lot easier to build, maintain and grow a relationship with a prospect, with a customer, if you start off on the right path.

With objective selling, you’ll be able to expand your market and your opportunities.  If you work from an actionable definition of value, you’re going to be a lot more effective.

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