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In the words of the great sales expert, Jim Keenan, “If you don’t read, you won’t learn.” Salesperson or not, when you learn something new, I’m sure you get pumped.

Reading helps you break things down into the essence of their context, and that provides a lot of motivation.

Free resources can be full of great content, so instead of scouring the web for the latest (and most helpful) sales ebooks, we did the work for you. Check out these new, educational and inspiring ebooks from a range of companies including RingDNA, Hubspot and our own team.

14 Top Sales Leaders Reveal Their Most Essential Sales Metrics

Essential Sales Metrics - ebook

In this ebook,
RingDNA asked 14 bestselling authors, sales coaches and CEOs (including our own VP of Sales, Jaime Muirhead) to reveal metrics that they feel are essential to crushing quota and driving growth. Here’s a taste of what Jaime had to say:

“The reality is, sales reps have a finite amount of time to win opportunities. Therefore, the faster a prospect turns into a customer, the more time the sales rep has to close more business.”

Read the other 13 amazing insights in this free ebook.

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12 Guiding Principles to Sales Success

Guiding Principles to Sales Success - ebookThis ebook by RingLead and sales expert, John Barrows, provides exclusive insights to sales success. John Barrows digs into his 12 guiding sales principles with insights and tips to help you work smarter, harder and better than you ever did before.

His guiding principles have led him to his success today, including his tips on setting high but attainable goals, finding your passion, working smarter AND harder and much more.

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The Small Business Guide to Referral Selling

Small Business Guide to Referral Selling - ebookThis ebook by Likeable Advertising and RingLead shares firsthand how a fast-growth startup can grow sales 200% in the first six months with referral selling.

As shared in the ebook, referral selling is an effective sales strategy because it utilizes a crucial asset: your past and existing customers. Noel Ledesma, co-founder of fast-growth startup Likeable Advertising, shares how he used referral selling to achieve success. With this guide, you’ll have the processes necessary to implement and roll out referral selling at your organization, and take it to the next level.

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State of Inbound Sales 2014-2015

State of Inbound Sales 2014-2015 - ebook
For the first time ever, HubSpot has launched an industry report focusing exclusively on sales.

Hubspot surveyed thousands of sales professionals and collected and organized the data to cover sales/marketing alignment, software and tools, challenges, and 2014-2015 priorities. We found the insights on data particularly interesting, including:

  • Data integrity and availability has become one of the biggest challenges facing sales today
  • Sales reps struggle with manual data entry
  • 59% of sales are not confident in the completeness of CRM data
  • Beyond the name, phone number, and email address, reps don’t have a lot of information about their prospects

Get more insights and ideas from this free report.

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Sphere of Influence Selling: An Inside Sales Approach to Crushing Your Quota

Sphere of Influence Selling - ebookSphere of Influence Selling is all about sales engagement. It fosters, promotes, and incentives a prospect to want to engage with you to get the sales process moving. In this ebook created by RingLead Co-Founder and sales veteran Dan Hughes, you’ll learn the everything there is to know about Sphere of Influence Selling, including how to implement it at your organization.

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Check out our newest sales ebook all about list building.

list building

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