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Recently, two of our junior sales reps reached out to me for sales advice. They developed a new call plus email campaign and wanted to bounce ideas around. New campaigns are not simple to execute. You must A/B test and adjust as you work through the initial campaign.

sales lessons - marble on keyboardWhile I’m not their manager, I believe knowledge needs to be transferred throughout the organization. Eight minutes (yes, I timed it) of time spent coaching these new sales reps can have tens of thousands of dollars of impact in the long run. The ROI is there.

What 5 bits of advice did I give these new sales reps?

1. Sales is a numbers game

Track everything you do in your CRM. Monitor and report only on the numbers you can influence today.

2. Every call counts

Sure, some calls are more crucial than others, but don’t dismiss or treat any calls as unimportant. Every call brings you one step closer to being a better salesperson. Every call gears you up for the next call. The more calls you make, the more you’ll improve.

3. Every call affects your attitude

The outcome of each call will affect how you feel. A good call will boost your mood while a bad call may squash it. No matter what, be cognizant of the fact that this impact is occurring. This will help you control your attitude, which is crucial (and leads to the next point).

4. Attitude is everything

You must control your attitude. We can’t control how every prospect or customer will act, but we can control how we act. Be in charge of your attitude and focus on it. The better attitude you have, the better you will perform overall.

5. Put a marble on your keyboard

To keep you motivated and moving forward, put a marble between the number 1 and number 2 keys on your keyboard. If the call goes well, move the marble up between key 2 and key 3. Keep moving the marble up or down on the keyboard depending on how well (or how poorly) your calls turn out. This is a physical motivator that you can see, right in front of you.

Now my new sales reps are ready. I can see they are making calls now. What other tips do you give your new sales reps?

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The author:

Donato Diorio is the Interim CEO of RingLead with primary responsibility of combining the teams, technology and vision of RingLead and Broadlook Technologies, a data technology company founded by Donato. Donato started his career as a software engineer and quickly became a specialist in process automation. Software architect first, top billing recruiter second, Donato combined his two careers; technology and talent selection to found Broadlook Technologies in 2002.