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Salesforce is a dynamic, cloud-based CRM application which has not only set the industry standard, but also grown immensely popular among both emerging as well as established businesses. Salesforce is a highly specialized application, and there is a package available for every purpose, ranging from promotions and support, to sales and marketing. If you are a Salesforce operator at any level, be it entry level or the highest CXO, there are a number of neat practices you can adopt to make the most out of your Salesforce org. By harnessing these simple tweaks, you’ll soon be using your platform much more intuitively.

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1. Email Templates

If your company has actively been using Salesforce, and has integrated its functionality into every process, you must have come across email templates. The standard templates, which have been infused with mail merge functions, allow easier usage, such as introduction emails for new Accounts, or Responses to Leads. You could also leverage this functionality to create a personal account for yourself.

You can also hack the Case Object for auto-generated, pre-populated email creation. Check them out here.

2. List Views

No matter your level of Salesforce expertise, you will be spending most of your time browsing through list views. Whether you are looking at the latest Leads, or closed Opportunities, lists are part of your life as a Salesforce operator. While most user are content with the usual list view, there are a bunch of specific list views which you can utilize to prioritize your list and fetch relevant information as quickly as possible.

3. Reports

If you haven’t used Salesforce Reports before, it is a good idea to get to know them. Reports are quite simply the easiest and best way to fetch statistics and figures from Salesforce. Often, managers and administrators prepare basic reports for you, such as Cases closed this month per agent, quarterly sales, and Opportunities closed, etc. These are easy, intuitive and can be prepped in minutes.

Reports can be overwhelming the first few times, but once you master it, there’s nothing easier or more comprehensive. From charting which Cases take too long to close, to strengths and weaknesses, they tell you everything, and present it in a much more intuitive manner. You could go so far as to compare the output of your department with the others, and this could keep all the employees motivated too.

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4. Dashboards

Reports are the first step. The next level is dashboards. All of your reports can be presented logically, naturally and visually through dashboards. You can put as many as 20 lists, tables and reports on each dashboard. Each of these blocks is called a component. Every component can be linked to a report. If you are monitoring your personal information, you could set up a personal dashboard. While the standard dashboards are useful enough, you could be doing a lot more with customized dashboards. Dashboards are especially useful if you need a quick glance at important statistics without scanning through miles of data, or if you just want to review salient features of a report.

Learn more about Salesforce dashboards for marketing in this ebook.

5. AppExchange

The Salesforce AppExchange is your best friend in your Salesforce org. It houses all of the free and paid apps that plug into Salesforce, and they can be installed in your org so that you can access extra functionality. These simple apps make your life a lot easier. From dashboard functionality, to Salesforce migration, to deduping, to account software, the AppExchange has it all. It makes your job more fun, and your administrators shouldn’t have concerns because it is a seamless integration of secure applications.

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Salesforce Tips & Tricks

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