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I’m sure you have a few minutes for lunch or have a slow Friday afternoon every once in a while. That is prime time for social selling. Here are the steps to do it quickly every day.

Step 1. Find a tool that you can use to schedule posts

Find a tool to help you automate your social posts. While you don’t want to be a tweeting machine, consider this: if it comes down to either not being social or scheduling posts so you have content out there, which one would you choose? Find relevant content and spend 10 minutes a day scheduling it out. A few minutes of scheduling can be days of tweets and content to share.

fast social selling - feet climbing stepsStep 2. Search for social posts to share

Great content is relevant content, so search through tweets for particular mentions of your brand and industry. Then, set up notifications to respond. Email notifications make it easy, and once you have the posts to share, add them to a Google Doc, an Evernote, or even a Word document. That way, you have a list of content to share later. And with the notifications, every time someone mentions a particular phrase relevant to you or your industry, you will be the first to know.

Step 3: Schedule 50 posts in an hour

By finding relevant posts to share, you can then schedule them out over the course of the next week or two weeks. In just a couple of hours, you can schedule enough posts that cover you for the entire month.

Step 4: Tweet when you eat

If you have a half hour to grab a salad or a sandwich, you have time to tweet.  Use this time to check your phone, see what’s going on, answer questions, respond to people, and even schedule some posts for later on in the week. Everyone has time to eat, so everyone has time to tweet as well.

Step 5: Measure your results fast

In the first few months of using social media, track the growth of your followers and retweets. That information lets you see the growth and will motivate you to keep going.

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