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Amanda Nelson: Content MarketingAfter three years at (and formerly Radian6), I’ve joined RIngLead leading content marketing as Director of Marketing. I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to create relevant, helpful content to the readers of this blog and the RingLead Community. Here’s why this is so exciting.

A strong vision

Ever since I started working, I’ve ensured that I am 110% behind the company vision. Data quality is critical for CRM and marketing automation success. Bad data is a waste of time and money. It doesn’t serve the customer or the user in any way. I always strive to solve business problems so both customers and employees can focus on doing their jobs well. RingLead is all about that vision.

Smart company structure

RingLead is a flat organization where everyone works together, and everyone plays a role in marketing. This enables great collaboration and transparency across the entire organization, and easy, two-way communication with anyone from sales to the CEO.

Creative freedom

I’ve had creative freedom at all my tech jobs and RingLead is no different. They are open and excited about my ideas, my vision, and my love for strategy and writing. They will fuel and support my plans and that only pushes me harder to execute. Creative freedom and trust is a huge part of content marketing success.

A love for content marketing

RingLead believes in content marketing. Team members like Gregg Thaler and Michael Farrington (@michaelforce) are already doing content marketing (and more great examples are coming to this blog). The company is investing in me and the content strategy I can bring to the table. This kind of support fuels growth and at a smaller organization, I can help this company grow and break new ground with content.

Salesforce ecosystem

I love the brand and products of It was important to me to continue to be part of the Salesforce ecosystem that I’ve grown to know and love. With RingLead as a Salesforce partner, I’ll continue to play a role in content for the Salesforce Community. Dreamforce 2014, anyone?

Work life balance

I started writing this post from the Long Island Ferry, commuting home from a meeting with the great folks at RingLead. I am passionate about my career, but equally dedicated to my family and the balancing act that is work and life. There’s nothing more conducive than a great work environment. I am excited about having the flexibility to work from home to write and develop strategy, yet take a quick ferry ride to the office.

I am thrilled about this new venture, and I look forward to sharing my learnings and experience as I take this new path to career growth.

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