Writing sales emails is a tough job, but it can be highly effective if done well. I recently helped a dealership with their sales email templates.

10 Sales Email Tips (And How to Not Be Spam)Whether you work at a dealership or not, here are some of the sales email tips I suggested:

1. Focus on the subject line

The subject line is the single most important indicator of whether an email message will be opened and read. Ensure that the subject line is clear, concise, and, if possible, contains personalization so the recipient will distinguish it as being unique.

2. Establish a look and feel

Studies have proven that consumers are more responsive to email communications when they are sent in a format with the same “look and feel” from one mailing to another.

3. Be consistent

Develop an email template which will allow your content to change from month to month, but still be consistently identifiable, over time, as a message from your company.

4. Be relevant

Send information that is relevant to the customer.

5. Don’t just sell

Provide both sales and non-sales content.

6. Target

Use data mining tools in your CRM to market to the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

7. Have a plan

Plan email marketing campaigns in advance.

8. Do not put critical text in images

Many people will never see your message if they have images turned off.

9. Provide a next step

Always have your contact information on email.

10. Add appropriate qualifying information

For example, “Your e-Price is valid ONLY on purchases made directly through our Internet Department. All vehicles are subject to prior sale and Price Quotes Expire in 48 hours. Your e-Price includes dealership discount, factory rebates, and online savings certificates.”

Tips for avoiding spam:

  • Never send just a picture
  • Never use all caps
  • Never use multiple exclamation points (!!!) or multiple non-alphanumeric characters, i.e: %* #:?
  • Never use different colored fonts. Use black for fonts only

What are your thoughts? What are your email template requirements?

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10 Sales Email Tips (And How to Not Be Spam)

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