Entering a new role at a new company can be challenging, and according to RingDNA, for newly appointed sales managers, the first 90 days are make or break. It’s crunch time for earning respect from your new team, proving yourself to execs, and making deals happen.


That’s why RingDNA recently released, The 90-Day Inside Sales Plan: For Newly Hired and Transformation-Minded Inside Sales Managers. It features 21 of the world’s top sales trainers, executives and thought leaders, including our own VP of Sales, Jaime Muirhead.

Here are some key quotes from these experts to help you meet (and exceed) your goals.

“You cannot expect to be trusted if you don’t first extend it. So extend it.”

Hank Boyer CEO, Boyer Management Group

“If new managers will begin with the end in mind, this will help them focus and prioritize their activities.”

Kevin Gaither, Vice President of Inside Sales, ZipRecruiter

“Acting as if you’re the know-it-all will bury you. Humility is key for a new manager. No,
humility is PARAMOUNT!”

Jim Keenan, CEO/President, A Sales Guy

“Don’t slow down to speed up. If you adopt new technologies, make sure there is little or zero downtime.”

Howard Brown, President & CEO, RingDNA

“Big mistake #1 will be to tell your team to do it like you, or repeatedly say, ‘This is how I did it.'”

Alice Kemper, President, Sales Training Consultants

“Knowing the numbers means that you know what works – or what’s not working, so you can fix it.”

Wendy Weiss, President, The Queen of Cold CallingTM

“Resist the temptation to try to prove yourself by taking quick actions, or by any kind of posturing you might do. It doesn’t help you—in fact it probably hurts you.”

Dave Brock, President, Partners in EXCELLENCE

“Have an action plan to identify and overcome problems before they become systemic to the whole team.”

Robert Minskoff, President, Minskoff Growth Strategies

“Listen much more than you speak, and schedule individual meetings with your new team to get to know them.”

Jaime Muirhead, VP of Sales, RingLead

“Focus on asking great questions rather than just doing a lot of telling.”

Bennett Phillips,
Partner, Advantage Performance Group

“Keep it simple and keep it focused. If you can accomplish those two things, you and everyone around you will have long, happy, and productive careers in sales.”

Jason Jordan, Partner, Vantage Point Performance

“Find ways to help your people shine instead of whine.”

Steven Rosen, Executive Coach,
STAR Results, Author

“Hire the same type of people consistently. Train them the same way every time.”

Max Altschuler, Author, Owner,

Every sales manager knows they need a solid plan, the right people, and a pipeline to be successful. But successful sales managers learn to balance the three.”

Whit Gaither, VP of Sales, RingDNA

“Above all, you are a part of the team. Show them that their success, not yours, is what is most important to you.”

Paul Alves, Chief Revenue Officer, QuotaFactory

As shared in the ebook, your 90-day plan is bound to differ based on your company size, target market and more, but these proven sales insights can help you hit the ground running.

Get more sales best practices from RingDNA and RingLead in this free ebook.

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