Referral selling is all about helping you acquire new customers by utilizing a crucial asset: your past and existing customers. It can be one of the most effective sales strategies because the referral from a satisfied customer provides you with credibility and opens doors.

25 Standout Referral Selling TipsI grew my business, Likeable Advertising, 200% in six months by implementing referral selling. Here are some tips to make it work for you and your business.

1. Start with professional, personal, and family contacts.

2. Look at your CRM for potential contacts for outreach.

3. Exude passion and confidence everyday.

4. Keep employees happy – cheerful employees lead to a cheerful company and cheerful customers.

5. Play to your own interests and strengths.

6. You can’t do it alone – hire people who value what you value.

7. Be completely transparent about your company goals when hiring.

8. Build strong relationships around customer happiness.

9. Remember that dissatisfied customers are the bane of referral selling.

10. Ensure prospects are a good mutual fit before reaching out.

11. A clear understanding of your prospect is crucial to providing customers with exactly what they want.

12. Ask prospects questions upfront before the demo or proposal, such as “Can you tell me more about your job?”

13. Ask prospects questions upfront before the demo or proposal, such as “What is your past experience with our type of offering?”

14. Ask prospects questions upfront before the demo or proposal, such as “Can you talk me through your company goals?

15. Condense and share your collected answers with the prospect.

16. If you don’t listen to the customer, admit it and let them know you’re a complete idiot.

17. The proposal should include what the prospect wants before you even do business together.

18. Customize each and every proposal to each and every prospect.

19. Add value regardless of whether a prospect does business with you or not.

20. Always work to stand out from the myriad of companies that send cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all proposals.

21. Once you sign on the new customer, the work has just begun – a key aspect of referral selling is satisfying implicit needs.

22. Always think about what else you can offer the customer – go above and beyond.

23. The more memorable you can be, the more likely customers will provide a referral.

24. Help your customers become the companies they want to be – even after they leave you.

25. Be equally concerned with your customers’ success as you are your own.

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25 Standout Referral Selling Tips

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