As a Salesforce Admin, you know that maintaining your entire Salesforce database is a critical and time consuming job that requires a strong attention to detail. Without you, it would be 10 times more difficult for your company to create call plans, route leads, and organize and maintain the quality of data within Salesforce. That being said, you have a lot on your plate every day, and can use all the help you can get in managing your data more efficiently.

Here are a few ways you can solve 3 of your main pain points, and ease the burden of your daily Salesforce Admin responsibilities.

Data Deduplication:

Known as the number one pain point for almost all Salesforce Admins, duplicate records are an absolute nightmare. The biggest problem with duplicates is that unless you stop them from entering completely, you will continue to have to manually clean out your Salesforce org every few days to make sure they don’t exist. RingLead Data Management Solutions offers a premier cleanse and duplicate prevention product that not only cleans out the existing duplicates in your CRM, but also prevents any future ones from entering. DMS Cleanse also offers a scheduling tool which can run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly  so that you can automatically clean out the dupes, and have a full report sent to your email after every task. DMS Duplicate Prevention gives you real-time alerts to prevent duplicates from multiple sources including manual entry, list imports and webform submissions, and allows you to merge and update existing records using over 55+ custom matching logic rules.

3 Challenges For Salesforce Admins, Solved

Data Enrichment:

It is no longer enough just to have a ton of leads in your Salesforce org. The best quality leads are ones that are enriched with contact and firmographic data so that the sales reps know everything they can about who they are calling and emailing. But enriching leads manually is a waste of your time, and your sales reps. RingLead DMS Enrichment is as easy as clicking a button. DMS Enrichment can enrich over 100 different data points including contact information like direct dials, mobile numbers and email addresses, and firmographic information like revenue, industry and employee count. Enrichment uses real-time, customized and crowd-sourced intelligence to help your sales reps gain valuable insight in their ideal buyers so that they can engage with the right lead, at the right time.

Lead Routing:

Now that you have a new enriched lead, you have to route it to the right rep. Lead routing is often very tricky if the incoming data is not enriched and normalized, resulting in the wrong leads going to the wrong rep. RingLead DMS Enrichment provides Intelligent Forms that will help reduce your web form fields to increase inbound lead generation, without sacrificing the quality of leads you recieve. As web forms are submitted, leads are enriched and normalized all before they reach your Salesforce org, allowing for leads to be easily and automatically routed in the right direction.

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