“We put our customers first”, says the sale rep trying to sell you yet another $25,000 SaaS platform. You like the product, and trust what the rep says, after all he called you 10 times, left 7 voicemails, sent 15 emails and wrote 5 Linkedin messages, so he must want to build a relationship, right? Wrong. The minute you sign that contract, that sales rep is going to pass you off to customer success, cash in on their commission check and hope that they never hear from you again. This is the reality at 95% of SaaS companies worldwide, and leaves many customers feeling frustrated and helpless when they have questions or concerns.

The good news is that not all SaaS companies leave their customers high and dry, and if you can ask the right questions about customer management before you sign the contract, you’ll conclude the deal feeling more confident and secure in the purchase you just made.

Here are 3 key questions to ask a SaaS company before you sign the contract.

“Who will be my account manager?”:

Even though you might assume that the sales rep you’re working with is going to be your account manager long term, that’s usually not the case. Most SaaS companies hand the customer over to some type of customer success rep that knows very little about the pain points you’re trying to solve by buying the product, which unfortunately leaves room for error and customer dissatisfaction. According to one study, 80% of surveyed customers said they would rather have the sales rep who initiated the deal manage their account throughout the whole length of their contract, than be assigned a new customer success rep after the deal is closed. So, if you can identify who your account manager will be ahead of time, preferably the sales rep, the line of communication between customer and vendor becomes more open and accessible.

“What is your onboarding process like?”:

A proper onboarding is critical to ensuring the customer is proficient in fully utilizing the product. If you don’t know how to use the product, you’re not going to adequately solve your pain points, leaving you disappointed and annoyed with your purchase. A favorable onboarding should include some type of agenda that outlines the structure of call so that the customer knows what to expect, and can prepare to meet any necessary prerequisites. This also allows the onboarding specialist to tailor the call more accurately to the needs of the customer, and make sure the customers expectations were achieved. If a SaaS company doesn’t have clear plans for their customer onboardings, then you can basically guarantee that you’re onboarding will be disorganized, and you’ll never get everything you want out of the product.

“Do you offer any type of support for technical questions?”:

Even if you are onboarded correctly, you are bound to still have questions throughout the length of your contract. It’s important that you are aware of the type of support that is provided with the product. You could be provided with a certain amount of support hours to start with, but may need to purchase additional hours to address any and all inquiries. By asking about technical support ahead of time, you’ll know exactly what type of help you’re entitled to and won’t incur any extra expenses that could come from purchasing more support hours.

If you’re looking for a SaaS company that can properly answer all of these questions, look no further, RingLead has got you covered. RingLead is a leading, cloud-based data management company that has redefined the way SaaS companies treat their customers. At RingLead, customers work with the same account manager throughout the entire length of their contract for easy communication, have an extensive onboarding training plan and process for a seamless transition onto the platform, and provide customized VIP technical support based on customers product purchases, so you always have the right amount of help, when you need it.

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