As a marketer, I’m faced with dirty, duplicate data on a daily basis. Bad email addresses. Bad phone numbers. Bouncebacks. Messy reporting in Salesforce. Extra work in Marketo. The solution is to clean your existing database and then stop duplicate data before it enters your system ever again. In the battle of marketer vs duplicate data, here’s how you can win.

Step 1: Identify duplicate data in your leads first

3 Simple Steps to Stop Duplicate Data Forever

For marketers, focusing on leads might be more important than other objects in Salesforce, for example. Notifications when duplicates arise is important to ensure duplicates are stopped and prevented going forward. Depending on the data deduplication vendor, you can have many different templates to notify the owner of the lead or contact that there’s a duplicate. Typically, the account owner is alerted first, but for new leads, you can route it through your assignment rules in Salesforce. Consider using your active assignment rule or even a hidden inactive assignment rule just for your data deduplication vendor. You can also change the owner of a lead, and reroute it through the assignment rules. For email, you can trade tasks with an email notification.

Step 2: Remove the duplicates by finding and merging them together

3 Simple Steps to Stop Duplicate Data Forever

A duplicate removal application merges the duplicates and cleans up the database quickly. For every minute that goes by, there will be fewer duplicates until finally, no duplicates will remain.

We recommend merging the duplicates versus deleting data. Every piece of data holds value, so merging is the way to go. To make sure the duplicate is merged with the right contact, you’ll need to set master rule settings. This way, all new data matching the original record, or master record, will automatically match and merge. If you have five records in Salesforce, you likely only want to keep the lead source from the first/master record, but use all of the current title and phone number fields from the most recent entries.


Step 3: Use an app to recognize the dupes as you type them in

3 Simple Steps to Stop Duplicate Data Forever

Once your data is clean, you want to keep it that way. Duplicate prevention stops the bleeding, and ensures you’re not simply putting a cap on that leak. Dirty data will continue to infiltrate your system as your contact data changes, but with strong prevention apps specific to marketers, your data will be checked before it enters your system to avoid duplicates.

Duplicate prevention checks your new data against your existing data to make sure that it’s unique. Whether you’re loading the data in or it’s coming from a web form, duplicate prevention acts as like a gatekeeper to make sure all data going in is unique.

Watch this video to see these duplicate prevention tips in action.


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3 Simple Steps to Stop Duplicate Data Forever


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