There’s no doubt about it.

Luckily, the solution is easier than you think. By cleaning your existing database and preventing duplicates at the source, you can regain control of your database.

In the battle of you vs. duplicate data, here are three simple steps to guarantee your victory.

1. Identify and merge existing duplicates

While it’s good to delete flawed, outdated data, the general rule of thumb when cleaning your database is to merge records instead of deleting data. Using a deduplication tool with custom logic matching rules will give you complete flexibility over how you identify and group duplicates. Custom Master Record Selection and Custom Field Level Selection are two other key features to look for in a deduplication tool. Together, these features will provide you peace of mind that when merging duplicates, every field is uniquely addressed to ensure the master record has the best, most recent and most valuable info.

2. Automate continuous data quality

Use a deduplication tool with scheduling capabilities to automate deduplication jobs and save hours of manual work. Tools like RingLead’s DMS Cleanse enable you to schedule all of your deduplication jobs at once, dictating to the platform whether you want them to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Job scheduling enables you to routinely dedupe your database with minimal effort. Tools like DMS Cleanse include status reports and a history log of all jobs to keep you up to date on how many duplicates are merged during each job.

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3. Protect your bases with duplicate prevention

Data cleanliness is the definition of an ongoing job. By using a duplicate prevention tool you’ll be able to maintain a duplicate-free database with minimal effort. Duplicate prevention tools for list uploads, web form submissions and manually entered data help you ensure your key data entry points are covered and secure, letting new leads in, and keeping duplicates out. For the most effective prevention, leverage a Marketo Webhook to prevent duplicates in Marketo, and to ensure no duplicates enter your CRM via Marketo web forms. 

Ready to regain control of your database? Call us at +1 (888) 240-8088 to learn more about how DMS will keep you five steps ahead of duplicates.

Equipped with over 55 custom logic matching rules, Custom Master Record Selection, Custom Field Level Selection, and complete perimeter protection, DMS is the only solution you’ll need to come out on top in the battle of you vs. duplicate data.


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