Generating leads in B2B marketing requires a great strategy, clean data, strong technology, and a little blood and sweat. This new ebook in collaboration with Bizible, showcases the necessary steps to achieve B2B lead generation success (with as little blood as possible).

b2b lead generation success - bannerHere are some big tips from the book.

Lead Generation Tips

1. Generating leads and nurturing leads are the two requirements for driving revenue.

2. Leads are the oxygen in your database. Ensure that you’re always collecting a fresh cache of goods.

3. It’s very hard to sell something just because you want to sell it. It’s much easier to solve a problem.

4. Understand the urgent need you’re solving for your client.

5. You cannot push too hard, but instead, offer helpful information and content to assist your prospect in making a decision.

6. Don’t worry about getting it 100% right. Instead, brainstorm and develop a list. Choose three core strategies to start.

7. Do things that you’re psyched about doing, and you’ll have better results.

Data Quality & Lead Generation Tips

8. Even if you’re the best marketer in the world using stellar practices, over time, your contact data will decay.

9. Use an application for duplicate removal, which finds your existing duplicates and merges them together.

10. Keeping your existing database accurate will make updating contact data much easier.

11. With knowledge, planning and technology, you can clean your existing data, and ensure the new data coming in is clean as well.

12. When you update existing leads, make sure you complete as many fields as possible in your CRM.

13. Keeping your marketing automation database clean is an important part of administering it. If your data is dirty, then your job becomes a lot harder.

14. If you want to clean up more of the database, you need to go beyond fixing data values.

15. Be careful of possible spam trap addresses.

16. Do not delete any Salesforce Contacts because they are more likely to be active Opportunities, clients, or ex-clients.

17. Focus on updating Contacts that hard bounce, become Invalid, or are no longer there.

Marketing Automation & Lead Generation Tips

18. Review leads once a month marked as Trash.

19. Automate the collection and blacklisting of your competitors.

20. If a lead hard bounces more than twice in a 30 day period, set them to Suspended or Invalid.

21. Automation is a double-edged sword: If you set it up wrong, it can cause havoc in a few minutes.

22. Carefully review automated processes and keep everyone informed.

23. Never automate the deletion of Leads, because there is too much risk in accidentally mass deletion.

Remarketing & Lead Generation Tips

24. Remarketing is seen as a B2C-first tactic because it can drive repeat purchases or bring back abandoned visitors.

25. Use number of page visits to estimate the funnel stage of each visits, and then offer appropriate content.

26. Make it custom. Think about the pages users are visiting and make the ads shine.

27. Test recency, or when the user last visited the URLs.

28. Specify an end date for the ads, and test different options, such as 0 – 7 days or 0 – 30 days.

29. Make sure your landing pages support mobile.

30. Run different messages on different web properties: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

31. Use Google Display Network’s retargeting ads to ensure frequency and impression share to drive action.

32. Test Facebook Custom Audiences and run Facebook ads to specific users based on their email address.

33. Export your Leads, MQL, Opportunities, and free trials and send a custom message to take action.


What other tips help create a successful B2B lead generation machine? Share them in the comments.

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