Whether you’re an admin, salesperson, or developer– all Salesforce users could use a shortcut. But don’t just look at the AppExchange for productivity solutions. There are lots of great options in the Chrome Web Store for Salesforce. Here are the top chrome extensions to start your clean data New Year’s Resolutions right.

Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Users:

1. Salesforce Colored Favicons

Are you a Salesforce tab hoarder? Salesforce Colored Favicons is the perfect add-on for you!

A huge problem for active Salesforce Admins is the sheer amount of tabs to keep track of. When you’re constantly switching between Production Orgs and Sandboxes, it can be tough to tell which is which.

We’ve all been here before (and we know it can get much, much worse)

Top 5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Users in 2020

This useful add-on is great for productivity. It assigns colors to different production or sandbox environments, making it easier to navigate the plethora of tabs in your browser. 

2. Capture!

We’ve all seen a LinkedIn profile that we wished could magically appear as a Lead or Contact in Salesforce. But no one wants to manually enter this record when facing tight deadlines and quotas. 

Capture! lets users grab contacts from Linkedin, company pages, or other webpages and upload them as a list right into Salesforce. This tool increases sales productivity by up to 50% by reducing the time spent on prospecting and manual research, and outbound sales strategies.

Marc Benioff getting Captured

Top 5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Users in 2020

3. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

Does troubleshooting give you trouble?

Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher is a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to find Apex classes, Apex triggers, Visualforce pages, and Visualforce components quicker than normal.

A quick find section gets added to the side navigation bar on all set-up pages

Top 5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Users in 2020

It’s hard to sift through all of your Apex triggers/classes to find the corresponding errors that end-users are receiving. This free tool helps you find and diagnose the problem you’re facing right now.

4. Sync Salesforce Contacts to Google

In the Salesforce ecosystem, there is no “off the clock.” Having your B2B contact information readily available across all calendars and contact books is necessary for most salespeople.

Sync Salesforce Contacts to Google — it’s all in the name. You can sync your contacts between systems for increased productivity. And then with automatic settings, you can make sure it stays synced without having to worry about it.

This add-on comes to us from CloudHQ.

5. Salesforce Inbox

Connecting Salesforce with your email seems like a no brainer, right? 

Salesforce Inbox, created by SFDC themselves, is essential to anyone who uses email as a tool in sales and marketing cadences (aka everybody).

This productivity solution allows users to log emails and automate other administrative tasks that would otherwise take minutes or even hours.

Top 5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Users in 2020

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