Some of the most effective and exciting work I do in sales revolves around researching and understanding the right buyer, and then testing and optimizing the sales process all the way through to close. We’re in an exciting era right now where tools and data allow us to do this quickly and effectively.

​5 Sales Hacks that will Change Your Sales Game

Using personalized outreach, helpful tools, and constant testing, here are some of my favorite sales hacks.

1. Determine your ideal customer

Identify your top targets. Create a wish list and then begin understanding these prospects, such as where they spend their time, and the topics of their conversations. Who are the low hanging fruit? If you know your ideal customer at the right time, you simply need to hit them with the right message to close the deal.

2. Use tools to do the job

Once you determine your target buyer, use tools to build massive lists of this persona. Easy-to-use web scraping tools, such as Capture from RingLead, enables you to go out and collect contact information, and build your target lists from there.

Social media can help as well. For instance, use LinkedIn to find the target buyer, learn their inner circles with groups and connections. Build rapport and then eventually, get involved.

3. Segment and create individual messaging

Refine and segment your messaging. Get the message down to the individual level. When you send those emails, you want to know exactly who you’re emailing, and establish that transparency. Because you’ve done your research and you understand the prospect, find relevant reasons to reach out. Play to their ego.

4. Be cognizant of every move during your meetings

The meeting with your ideal customer is crucial. Every aspect of that meeting, from the verbal to the nonverbal cues, makes an impact and an impression. If your prospect has their arms crossed, they may be closed off to your conversation. In that moment, forget your script or your goals. Your new goal is to get them to open their arms and open up. What do you do? Slide around to their end of the table and open your computer in front of them. Engage them and force them to feel part of the conversation, and not closed off from it.

5. Know your numbers and test

If you’re able to get granular about your ideal customer profile, as well as granular in your entire process, you can determine your measure of success. Therefore, you can determine how many emails to send, the ideal open rate, etc.

As you get to know your prospects down to the individual level, and you’re determining how to be effective with your targeted prospect, you can begin A/B testing. A/B test click-through rates, open rates, your call-to-action, and all of the copy within that email.

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​5 Sales Hacks that will Change Your Sales Game

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