When you think of Salesforce, what words immediately come to mind? Most people will think “CRM.” Many others might say “a contact database.” Both answers are right, but I tend to think of it as something else entirely – one of best performance reporting engines ever created.That’s especially true when it comes to marketing analytics. Last year at Dreamforce, I was invited to present to a room of marketers and entrepreneurs on AppExchange marketing best practices. While putting together the presentation, I reflected on the enormity of what Salesforce has achieved through its native architecture alone. So long as Salesforce is set up correctly, marketers on the platform have the unparalleled opportunity to track lead flow, lead quality, precise ROI and even sales effectiveness across the board.

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The lone caveat in that statement bears repeating: So long as Salesforce is set up correctly.

Recently, we teamed up with the fabulous team at RingLead to curate the “best of the best” actionable resources to help you with proper Salesforce setup. Some are eBooks, while others are priceless blog posts. Here are five great ones:

Expert Guide to Salesforce Integration: 22 Salesforce Experts Share the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make During a Salesforce Integration

Value: Benefit from top experts’ Salesforce implementation experience.

In this eBook from Docurated, a panel of 22 Salesforce experts share some of the biggest mistakes they’ve seen companies make during implementation. The result is that you can learn some crucial “dos” and “don’ts” that can help you implement Salesforce to expertly support your sales team.

The 5 Must-Dos of Successful Salesforce Campaigns

Value: Five tips to help you rock revenue using Salesforce campaigns.

Though most companies are “using” the campaign object in Salesforce, it’s rare to find companies that are fully leveraging campaigns in Salesforce to maximize sales and marketing ROI. This article by Appirio reveals five vital tips that can help you use campaigns more effectively than ever before.

Best Practices: Pardot & Salesforce Campaign ROI

Value: Learn to set up campaign ROI reporting in Salesforce.

This article from Pardot explains how to use Pardot and Salesforce together to measure and optimize campaign ROI. It’s vital to be able to identify which marketing campaigns have influenced an opportunity. This guide shows marketers how to set up Salesforce reports. The guide includes how to attribute primary campaign sources in opportunities as well as how run an ROI report in Salesforce.

Definitive Guide to Salesforce Security

Value: This primer covers almost everything you need to know about Salesforce security.

Bluewolf released a definitive guide to Salesforce security as a multi-part blog post. While Salesforce is becoming the global leader in cloud technology, there can be a variety security concerns prior to implementation.This series of blog post breaks down cloud security into terms that anyone can understand. The blog post outlines all of the security components available in &, including definitions and proposed use. Check below to get the additional guides.

Your Complete CRM Handbook

Value: A valuable resource for companies considering a Salesforce implementation.

Are you considering implementing a CRM or switching to Salesforce? This eBook from Salesforce gives newcomers valuable information about how customer relationship management platforms can help accelerate sales ROI. You’ll get helpful advice on:

  • Signs your business needs a CRM
  • How CRM can improve sales and productivity
  • Building your CRM strategy
  • How to maximize your ROI


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