Referral selling is all about helping you acquire new customers by utilizing a crucial asset: your past and existing customers. It can be one of the most effective sales strategies because the referral from a satisfied customer provides you with credibility and opens doors.

The 5 Step Process to Referral SellingReferral selling attacks a serious problem faced by sales professionals: a lack of trust. It creates confidence in your ability to deliver results, since the reference is coming from a confident place.

Here is a look at the steps I took to implement referral selling at my organization, Likeable Advertising. To get all the details, check out the ebook, The Small Business Guide to Referral Selling.

How to Start Referral Selling

Referral selling starts from the top and impacts the entire organization. It’s a cultural shift where everyone is focused, passionate, confident and ready to sell. Start with personal connections or people that you’ve worked with in a capacity other that your business focus.

Step 1: Build

When you first start a business, focus on building your website, building internal processes, and building the technology itself.

Step 2: Reach Out

Kick off your sales process and outreach. Look at your CRM and the contacts for potential outreach.

Step 3. Create the Infrastructure

We had 150 to 200 contacts, whether they were professional, personal, family, etc. in our CRM. That’s how we started our CRM infrastructure.

Step 4. Connect

As you gain customers, ask to meet new contacts with the goal of building your network.

Step 5. Learn

As you move through the referral selling process, you’ll uncover your true brand, your partners and your new customers.

This business approach of references and one-on-one sales outreach can open up an entirely new line of revenue. This is referral selling.

5 Smart Referral Selling Steps from RingLead

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The 5 Step Process to Referral Selling

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