Every company wants the same thing- to continually grow their revenue! But it’s easier said than done. Working in sales is no easy feat, and requires a lot of time, energy and attention. Here are a few tips to assist you in making your sales processes a little smoother, and more efficient, to help increase revenue and productivity.

  • Develop a strategy and set goals – The best way to accomplish your objectives is by first creating a sales plan with tough, but attainable goals. Goals should be created for your sales team as a whole, but also on an individual basis in order to track personal performance. Senior managers should be in charge of setting targets for all employees so that they don’t make them too easy. Having a plan will help your team stay on track and get everyone on the same page as to what is expected of them.
  • Clean up your database – The next step to increasing revenue is by cleaning up your database. Erroneous data can cost a company as much as 12% of their yearly revenue! Advanced automated software, such as RingLead’s DMS Cleanse and Duplicate Prevention tools, can rid your CRM of all duplicate records and then prevent any more from entering. Having a streamlined database means that your sales reps won’t be wasting time calling on duplicate leads or manually removing them by hand, freeing up more time to sell.
  • Expand digital footprint – Not only should your sales reps engage in the traditional methods of selling and prospecting (ie. cold calling and emailing), but they should also be present online through different social media channels (ie. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). In today’s fast paced and technological driven society, it is crucial that your sales reps have a strong and active social media presence. LinkedIn is the number one business social media platform in the world, and 61% of organizations who engage in social selling report a positive impact on revenue growth. RingLead’s DMS Enrichment can help you gather social profile addresses, as well as other firmographic data, so you can easily monitor your prospects social activity and engage when necessary.
  • Increase quality lead generation – Having quality leads to call on is of the utmost importance to most sales people. However, generating high quality leads can often become tedious and time consuming, and is what many sales reps consider the most difficult step in the sales cycle. Using lead generation tools, such as RingLead’s DMS Capture, can quickly and easily collect hundreds of leads and populate them into your CRM with the click of button. RingLead’s DMS Enrichment can then append any missing information from the prospects record, giving your sales reps the most accurate and up-to-date information about a prospect before ever making a phone call. The more high quality leads available for your sales reps to connect with, increases the the likelihood of making a sale.
  • Build relationships – Lastly, one of the most important things a sales rep can do, is build relationships with leads and customers. Being able to personalize emails and voicemails, instead of using generic scripts, can go a long way in creating trust between a sales rep and prospect. People are more likely to buy from sales people that they trust, and feel like they can have a conversation with, instead of feeling like they are just trying to be sold something. Sales reps should continually follow up with prospects and customers to keep all channels of communication open for any future opportunities.

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