Almost all VP’s or Directors of Sales want to empower their sales reps with as much information as possible about leads before making calls or sending emails. The more information reps have, the faster they can qualify and contact them. A study by InsideSales found that following up with an inbound lead within the first 5 minutes significantly increases your chances of conversion. The same study found that contacting a lead within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drops 100 times. But how can your reps follow up within 5 minutes if they’re spending 40% of their time just researching their leads? Reps need lead generation and enrichment tools, like RingLead DMS Capture and DMS Enrichment, to help them easily collect as much information as possible about a lead within a few short minutes.

Most importantly, sales reps should be able to answer these 5 Ws before making contact with a lead:


First and foremost, who is the rep going to communicate with? Besides name, the rep needs valuable information that they can use to connect with the lead on a more personal level. Information from their social profiles like the school they went to, birthday, or sports teams they like, can help make a good first impression. In addition, reps need a way to contact the lead either by direct dial, mobile number, or email address.


Next, reps will need some information about the person’s job title and company they work for. What does the company do? How many employees do they have? What is their revenue? This type of data can help with lead routing as well as help the rep qualify the lead at a faster rate.


Along with finding out more information about the company, you’ll want to know where the company is located. Is the company in your own country? Or are they international? Knowing where the company is located is key for companies that route leads based on territory and also help you identify the country code before making phone calls.


By knowing where the company is located, you can determine when the best time is to contact them. You don’t want to be calling on and bothering a lead at 11pm their time.


Lastly, why are you reaching out to the lead? Were you able to find out all of the above information to determine if they are qualified? Do you have something to offer them that might be of value? If you haven’t qualified the lead and don’t have anything to offer them, you might want to reconsider reaching out.

If you don’t have most of this information before making contact with a lead, you need to invest in a lead collection and enrichment tool, like RingLead DMS Capture. DMS Capture is your go-to tool to collect 1000+ leads at once from multiple sources including social media profiles, website pages, email signatures, and CSV files in minutes. After you’ve captured the initial information from that specific source, you can then enrich any missing information using RingLead DMS Enrichment which uses crowdsourced data intelligence to give you the most accurate and up to date information available. Using RingLead DMS, your sales reps will no longer waste valuable time researching leads and instead spend more time doing what they’re paid to do, sell!

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5 Ws Of Sales

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