When it comes to sales voicemails, you have a very short time frame to do it right. You might have 10 or 15 seconds to get their attention or they hit delete. Voicemails don’t have to be complicated or long and detailed. The best voicemails are short, concise and engage the listener almost immediately.

Here are 50 more tips to make you the best one on your team at leaving voicemails!

1. There is no such thing as giving up. Try and try again.

2. You’re not bothering them, you’re enlightening them.

3. If you never connected, do not refer to that previous voicemail. Start fresh each time.

4. Be polite yet forthright in your voicemails.

5. The difference between is a cold voicemail and a warm voicemail is research.

6. Researching before leaving a voicemail prepares you and makes you stand out.

7. Passion is the wind and research is the rudder.

8. Find the bait – an alma mater, a favorite TV show, etc. to attract your prospect’s attention.

9. Seek influence – research other people in the prospect’s organization and mention them in the voicemail.

10. Research is about picking the right people and the right things to say to facilitate the ability to build rapport.

11. When you build rapport, you’ve got more influence and you’re going to get more callbacks.

12. Be clear – You must be understandable. Drink water, clear your throat, have a good headset, audio, phone, etc.

13. Be concise – keep it to 17 seconds.

14. Be credible – Who have you helped? If you don’t speak with authority, borrow it as a regular practice.

15. Have cadence – Don’t be afraid of strategic pauses. Vary the speed of your delivery.

16. Be consistent across all means of outreach to set the tone for your brand.

17. Customize – Get as specific as possible by stating their company name, location, etc.

18. We’re all trained to pay attention when we hear our name, so say the contact’s name in your voicemail.

19. Be specific or go home.

20. Be compelling – If you don’t speak with authority, borrow it.

21. Every opportunity is a place for creativity and a place to have excellence.

22. Don’t leave a boring voicemail.

23. Leave your phone number more than once and say it in different ways.

24. Be aware of your accent or the way you say words or numbers.

25. Don’t repeat yourself – say the same thing in a different way.

26. Have fun with it.

27. If you don’t enjoy leaving a voicemail, you may not be in the right job.

28. Have passion – they can hear it in your voice.

29. Leave viable messages that make an impact.

30. If you have a bio on the prospect, mention something from the bio.

31. If the prospect publicizes their school, know their school mascot.

32. Get coached.

33. Coach yourself.

34. Score your own voicemails.

35. Score your colleagues voicemails.

36. Get peer reviews of your voicemails.

37. Create a score sheet to rate your voicemails.

38. Ask yourself, would you save that voicemail?

39. Ask yourself, would you return that call?

40. Ask yourself, would you return that call right away?

41. Reference influential points – people, places, past connections, etc.

42. Know the people that influence your decision makers and mention them.

43. Always be nice to administrative assistants – you never know their relationship with your contact or where they’ll be in five years.

44. Leave a little marketing message on your own voicemail recording.

45. Change your own voicemail message often, even everyday.

46. Use statistics and numbers to prove your points.

47. Be specific vs generic.

48. Write it down before you try it.

49. Test your message multiple ways.

50. If you have a purpose for calling, you’re never going to bother them.

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50 Tips for a Great Sales Voicemail

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