Halloween 2014 is here and for the marketing team at RingLead, there’s no better way to celebrate than overindulging in candy, carving pumpkins, and brainstorming cheesy yet crafty Halloween lines about Salesforce. So get ready to fill your Halloween basket with these spooky, scary, and sharable one-liners about this leading CRM.

1. Stop GOBLIN up my leads. [Tweet This!]

2. Are you Dracula? Because you’re sucking the productivity out of my CRM. [Tweet This!]

3. Start COFFIN up those contacts. [Tweet This!]

4. Are you the Devil? Because that lead score is HOT.  [Tweet This!]

5. Let’s have coverage on that terror-tory. [Tweet This!]

5. Are you a skeleton? Because you don’t have the guts to build that workflow. [Tweet This!]

7. That dashboard is BOO-tiful! [Tweet This!]

8. Are you a mummy? Because you’ve kept that deal under wraps. [Tweet This!]

Check out these Halloween lines on Slideshare:

Happy Halloween from the crew at RingLead! Here’s your next treat: Get started with Salesforce for marketers in the free RingLead and RingDNA ebook here or at the button below.

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