About Author

Barbara Žišković Adeleke

Marketing Operations Enthusiast. I believe the best decisions can be made using data insights and analysis that should be clear and concise. Yes, I am that person that always asks “Why are we doing this?” Or “Have we created a way to track progress?”. I simply think setting goals and measuring success will truly help us make the journey to that goal much more meaningful and easier.

I strive to be a strategic thought leader, partner and thinker who is finding new ways of doing things and challenges status quo.

My greatest strength would definitely be my reliability and organisation skills. I love lists and automatin processes and figuring out new ways of doing things. I like to understand all the moving pieces so that I can rearrange their movement to work better together. I look for ways to improve things and I want you to leave our conversation understanding what we talked about.

Yes, my team sometimes doesn’t like to hear another “let’s do the enablement training” comment but this helps us reflect on our work and learn from each other.

Great, agile organisations need great, dependable leaders who then build and inspire their people and teams to do their best work using their own best skills. Always happy to have a chat about “what we do in Marketing Operations” or simply to tell you that “you should absolutely document that process” so reach out for either!