About Author

Russell Artzt

As Executive Chairman and Head of R&D at Ringlead, my mission is to lead a process of innovation that empower businesses to transform themselves. Our Data Management Platform makes this possible through visionary design and a continually expanding feature set. We are the market leader in the cloud, enabling our customers to thrive in an era when data has taken over from hardware and software to be the center of business strategy and operations.

Its a challenging role, but one that I come to with significant experience. I led comparable product development efforts as Co-Founder and Head of R&D of Computer Associates (CA) – the first billion dollar software company, which was sold to Broadcom for $18.9 billion in 2018. At Ringlead, as it was at CA, my goal is to build a true enterprise software company. We are on the path to success in this regard, adding Fortune 500 clients like Adobe, Astra Zeneca, CBS. GE, Moody’s, NYSE and Toyota, to our more than 700 customers.

In everything we do at Ringlead, our focus is on allowing businesses to maximize the value and efficiency of their data. We offer the industry’s only unified data management platform that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle and many other software companies.

Our platform enables businesses to connect all of their sales and marketing databases into a unified system of records. Ringlead breaks down business silos, providing businesses with a single source of truth from every angle, ultimately leading to more efficiency, more revenue and improved data governance and compliance.