Whether you realize it or not, your ability to better yourself as a business professional is directly correlated to the quality of your data. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “that’s a stretch,” since you probably don’t realize how important data is to everything these days. After all, it is the world’s most valuable resource.

In any modern business environment, your ability to do your job well is going to depend on how good your data is. And it might not be your fault if you’re not making sales and getting good marketing click rates because your company is providing you with poor data, but to the rest of the business world, it’s going to look like you’re failing at your job.

Even if you’re trying your hardest, you need to have a shining outward professional appearance, which shows that you’re not only putting in maximum effort, but that your effort is advancing your company. To get that, you need to have good data that you can perform well upon.

Here’s an example:

Through no fault of your own, your team has an abysmal prospecting method. The entire sales team goes through leads faster than new ones are generated. Once that lead pool runs dry, you find that you spend the majority of your day looking for new leads to call on the internet, rather than actually being on the phone and selling. This leads to you not making target for the month, as well as following months.

At this point you’re not longer advancing professionally. Even though it’s not your fault, to people who aren’t “in the know” about your situation, it looks like you’ve stagnated as a sales person. Or even worse, got lazy and stopped caring about meeting target. But unfortunately, the rest of the business world isn’t going to know the specific circumstance that you’re in. All they see is a salesperson who isn’t meeting target.

Another example:

Your database is filled with duplicates. Nobody is putting them in there purposefully. There’s just no preventative measures in place that are going to stop them from plaguing your database.

Somebody else at your organization moves a lead in your territory along to the point where they’re ready to close on a sale. However, you don’t know this and that lead has a duplicate record in your database that marks them as somebody who would be good to reach out and try to sell to. You naively call them and start with an introductory sales pitch that they’ve already been through. You look unorganized and unprofessional and the sale ends up not getting closed.

It’s not your fault that there was a duplicate in your database that wasn’t updated to reflect the status of the sales process, but you get blamed for the sale being dropped. It hurts your standing in the company and people remember this, which definitely isn’t helping you get a promotion any time soon.


If it’s not clear already, bad data doesn’t just hurt your company, it hurts you. You need to actively take measures to get your data back in good health before it starts affecting your professional performance. That is, if it hasn’t already.

Luckily, the RingLead Data Management Solutions suite has all the tools you could need in a full stack data management platform to keep all of your data in good health, both now and in the future.

RingLead DMS has products that can automatically generate thousands of leads, enrich incoming and pre-existing data and most importantly, clean a database of all of its duplicates and prevent future duplicates from coming in.

Interested? You might qualify for a 30-day free trial. Fill out the web form on the side of the page and one of our account executives will be in contact with you.

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