I was talking to a rep the other day, and he was telling me about his approach to structuring his week to help him succeed. He set certain activities to specific days, and filled in the rest of the time with things that were dependent on the buyers’ calendars.

The Best Day for Sales ProspectingHe had time set for writing account reviews (Thursday afternoons), this way, if he had to get something from the clients, he still had time in the week. Proposals were done on Wednesdays and Mondays, and all he had to do was set the right expectation from the buyer. And so it went.

But when it came to prospecting, there were no allocations. I asked him about it, and he, like others, told me that he does it when he can, any time he can get around to it. I asked why, since he has clearly allocated time to all other key activities, does he not see prospecting and filling the funnel as a key activity? Of course, he said. Well, then why does it not conform to the way you approach and execute the other key activities? I said, “You have everything else all neatly in place, so what’s the deal with prospecting?”

It was clear that the day he allocated to prospecting was Someday.

Now I don’t like prospecting any more than the next guy, especially cold calling, but it has to be done. This is why I do it first, then it’s out of the way, and I can go on to doing what I like.

I know the beauty of Someday is that it never comes, but the deadline for your quota does come, and in light of the fact that those people who make quota hovers around 50%, and the number one reason most sales leaders give for that is a lack of prospects and too much dependence on their base, the day of reckoning will get here before Someday, specifically in a few weeks, December 31.

Given the choice between Someday and Today, I would go with today.

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The Best Day for Sales Prospecting

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