1) 83% of organizations see data as an integral part of their business strategy, yet 69% say inaccurate data continues to undermine their efforts (Experian).

Good account-based sales and marketing start with clean, reliable data.

2) 23% of salespeople cite manual data entry as the biggest challenge when using their existing CRM (HubSpot).

Automating manual processes is a great way to save time and reduce the headache of data entry.

3) Problems with keeping data current cost businesses in the United States more than $600 billion per year (Data Warehousing Institute).

Data ages like fish, not wine. Keeping your contact and company information fresh is easy with data enrichment.  

4) Between 10% and 25% of contact records include critical data errors that impact the day to day operations of marketing and sales teams (Sirius Decisions).

Cleaning and standardizing data before taking action is the best way to combat these critical errors. 

5) Despite the spending on marketing technology, marketing leaders use only 61% of their MarTech stack’s capabilities (Gartner).

The best way for organizations to increase and sustain high end-user adoption of their marketing technology is to develop and implement a comprehensive user adoption strategy before purchase.  

6) Poor data quality costs the US economy around $3.1 Trillion per year (IBM Big Data Hub).

That’s a lot of avocado toast.

7) 98% of Fortune 500 companies use data to improve the customer experience (Experian).

With so much emphasis on creating a positive user experience, data’s value as a strategic asset comes from its ability to help personalize your targeting and messaging.

8) Nearly 100% of C-level executives surveyed said they see data on customers and clients as “critical or important” to getting an edge on competitors in the years ahead (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

If you’re not leveraging your data assets for all that they’re worth, you’re losing the battle for market share.

9) By 2020, the data that we create and copy annually will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes (Dell Technologies). 

Data is the way of the future. Don’t get left behind by holding on to antiquated, 20th-century data management strategies.



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