Do you ever wonder how you rank for data quality? We asked that same question and it inspired us to create the first annual Data Quality Benchmark Report.

data quality benchmark reportIn collaboration with B2B Fusion Group, we conducted a year-long survey that looked at different dimensions of quality for sales and marketing databases. After gathering results from over 55 companies, we created this report, and here are some of the jaw-dropping stats and takeaways.


1. 72% feel data quality is very important


2. 68% said the top data quality priority is deduplication


3. 31% license software to ensure data quality


4. 41% hire someone to handle data quality


5. 94% think about organizing and prioritizing fields in their CRM for better data performance


6. 24% said 5% of their database contains duplicates


7. 7% realize duplicated leads, contacts and accounts are a concern, yet they don’t know how many dupes they have


9. 17% claimed that more than 10% of their leads, accounts and opportunities are duplicates


10. 24% said that 1/4 of their lead data is complete: that means ~75% of lead data is missing


11. 50% of the average respondent’s database is missing crucial customer data


12. 44% are not ensuring contact data validity or email address validity


13. 39% cannot confirm that their data is fresh


14. 48% do not have an official owner of their data within their organization


15. 37% of respondents are in marketing operations, and have taken the role as the data steward

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data quality benchmark report

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