Capture 3.0 allows users to generate over 1,000 Leads and seamlessly import to Salesforce or Marketo in seconds.

CAPTURE, RingLead’s popular prospecting tool, is becoming more powerful than ever.

At RingLead, we know that the average sales representative spends anywhere between 20-30% of their time researching prospects. We understand that this research is necessary, but we also understand that time is money.

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That’s why we listened to our customers and created Capture 3.0 with faster research speeds, increased storage limits, improved workflows, and a new static pop-out interface.

Capture 3.0 builds on the original product’s ability to extract and enrich information. With Capture, users can extract information from any source–social media platforms, email signatures, titles, contact names, phone numbers, company names, excel spreadsheets–and generate valuable, clean data about a prospect to improve their selling approach, and reduce research time. Users can easily save this information to Salesforce, Marketo, or their preferred CRM.

Capture 3.0 also features a major improvement to user experience: a static pop-out window.  The static window stays open while you work on multiple pages, even multiple monitors. You can prospect on one screen, while Capture researches and saves on a second screen. Also, the days of waiting for Capture to load are over. The Capture 3.0 pop-out interface now loads instantly when you press the Capture icon in Google Chrome.

We’ve also dramatically increased storage limits in Capture 3.0. You can now work with over 1,000 contacts. You can add contacts and research as you go, or add contacts by day and schedule for Capture to research at night. Capture automatically cleans the data to ensure you are receiving the most accurate description of your prospects. All information from Capture is easily savable to your CRM thanks to our enhanced CRM connectivity.

And of course, because time is money, Capture 3.0 features increased research speeds to accommodate larger research usage. This one is a no brainer: faster research speeds means less time spent researching, and more time spent selling.

Did you know? 58% of companies don’t provide sales representatives with the tools they need to be successful. Without the right tools, sales persons are forced to waste valuable time to get the job done.

Capture 3.0 is an invaluable prospecting tool that belongs in every sales representative’s toolbox.

To see Capture 3.0 in action, or to view our installation video, please click here.

Stay tuned! This summer we’ll take Capture’s excellent capability to discover new contacts and social information, and marry it with the sophisticated capabilities of DMS to normalize, segment, and enrich data.

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