Marketing campaigns, sales forecasts, territory assignments and business projections all rely on one thing–your data. 

But not all data is created equally, and not all data fields are relevant to your business. So, you venture into the data buying world to find the right vendors, with the right fields, and hopefully, the right data.

The result? Multiple large files, all sourced and formatted differently. 

Consolidating these files into a single source of truth can feel like a nightmare without the right delivery mechanism in place. Investing in a true, soup-to-nuts delivery mechanism empowers you to instantly and seamlessly connect and structure new data as it becomes available, both in real-time and batch.

Top capabilities to look for in a full-stack solution:

  • Deduplication with strict and fuzzy matching logic
  • Duplicate prevention for lists
  • Duplicate prevention for web forms
  • Duplicate prevention for manually created records
  • Lead-to-Account Linking
  • Normalization 
  • Enrichment
  • Routing 
  • Assignment
  • Segmentation

The combination of these capabilities in a single platform will give you confidence that your reporting, campaigns, territory assignments, and overall business projections are always based on clean, high-quality data. The more accurate your data becomes, the easier it is for your departments to function at peak productivity – sales can engage smarter, marketing can execute hyper-personalized campaigns, and finance/operations can finally make true data-driven decisions. 

What to look for in your delivery mechanism

Customizable Matching Logic

It’s important to create custom matching logic for structuring your data to improve match rates between external data coming in, and your existing CRM and MAP data. Most data vendor API’s require stiff logic that cannot be manipulated based on the user’s input, resulting in unusable data, wasted time, and wasted money.


Regardless of source, buying data results in foreign languages that don’t fit into your system. 

A delivery mechanism that allows you to normalize contact and company data in batch and real-time will save you from poorly incorporated external data, and the endless issues that are sure to follow. 

Real-Time and Batch Enrichment 

Flexibility in how you enrich will enable you to continuously fill in the gaps in your data and ensure your data remains up-to-date. The right delivery mechanism will include an enrichment API solution that feeds directly into your website, CRM, and MAP to ensure real-time insight into buyer needs and preferences are always accessible to your team. 

Routing and Assignment

Lead Response Time can single handedly make or break your sales. Statistics show us a lead is 100 times more likely to be contacted, and 21 times more likely to turn into an opportunity, if called within five minutes versus 30. 

A data delivery mechanism that includes workflow-based assignment rules will help you route and assign leads with unbelievable speed and precision to ensure all of your newly purchased data is being fully optimized.

Investing in data that will ultimately drive revenue for your business is an exciting first step, but it’s still the first step.

Having a delivery mechanism in place to help you optimize that investment and ensure the data remains fresh and serving its purpose is a critical next step that shouldn’t be skipped. The RingLead Platform is an open and scalable platform that provides a secure way for you to enrich, validate, normalize, segment, dedupe, link, and route, all within one workflow, so you can focus less on busywork, and more on how your new data is used. To learn more, schedule a demo with one of our data experts and ask about a free trial!