Bad data impacts all aspects of business from employee morale to lost customers. Working in the data quality space for over 10 years, RingLead has seen its share of bad situations. So in collaboration with customers, partners and employees here at RingLead, we’ve developed a pretty long list of what happens when your data is just plain bad.

1. Lacking customers’ correct names

2. Have to ask for contact data

3. Can’t find customers in the CRM

4. See partial view of customer

5. Send wrong billing or bank statement

6. Miss high value customer-segments

7. Have excess inventory

8. Have stock outs

9. Spend more time researching contact information

10. Unaware of the last conversation with a customer

11. Unclear lead routing rules

12. Emails sent to wrong contacts

13. Unable to track results

14. Poor lead score distribution

15. Same message to same person multiple times

16. Inconsistent messages to same person multiple times

17. Wrong message associated with stage in marketing cycle

18. More sends than permitted on duplicate or wrong emails

19. Give credit to the wrong source of lead

20. Get blacklisted or SPAM blocked

21. Can’t measure source of biggest impact

22. Poor integration and cooperation with CRM

23. Don’t know how many touches it took to convert a lead

24. Don’t won’t know which touches are helpful in converting leads

25. Email open rates are skewed

26. Paying for duplicate records

27. Reports are skewed

28. Processes are skewed

29. Workflows are skewed

30. Drip nurture campaigns are skewed

31. Employees frustrated with CRM

32. Teams uninterested in using CRM

33. Data entry is unstructured

34. Conflicts over lead owner

35. Conflicts over lead source

36. Conflicts over account owner

37. CRM user adoption drops

38. CRM advocates drop

39. CRM detractors rise

40. Employees leave the company

41. Less time selling

42. Incomplete sales pricing models

43. Lack of sales analytics for coaching

44. No owner of leads

45. No tracking of conversations with leads

45. No way to know where lead came from

46. Poor commission management

47. Leads improperly reassigned

48. Incomplete picture of buying authority

49. Incomplete picture of prospect champions

50. Call volume expectations can’t be met

51. Cannot track sales activity

52. Cannot track sales measurements

53. Sales requirements can’t be met

54. Reputation in eyes of prospects goes down

55. Incorrect commission payments

56. Hire more headcount for researching contact information

57. Hot leads left behind

58. Hot leads not being distributed to sales

59. Challenge finding desired candidates

60. Unclear on top-performing employees

61. Unable to track recruiters’ performance

62. Don’t know where candidates are in the decision making process

63. Compliance issues

64. Not notifying customers on compliance issues

65. Contracts going to the wrong person

66. Confusion from duplicate customer contacts

67. Don’t know who your best customers are

68. Don’t know spend by customer

69. Unable to see revenue by customer

70. Cannot segment customers by industries, roles or markets

71. Fragmented data

72. Unorganized data

73. Longer wait times for support

74. Decreased customer satisfaction

75. Unable to see how products are being used

76. Inaccurate margins

77. Delays in product launch

78. Inability to notify beta users

79. Customer complaints leading to customer attrition

80. Missing on high value opportunities

81. Mailed products getting returned due to errors in names

82. Dissatisfied sales and distribution channels

83. Not able to track the status of the delivery

84. Media coverage and bad PR

85. Major product recall

86. Faulty financial statements

87. Poor audit ratings

88. Loss of confidence from shareholders and investors

89. Lawsuits

90. Misinformed or under-informed business decisions

91. Lack of data on key performance indicators

92. Hampered objective performance management

93. Mistrust between departments

94. $8.2 million lost annually

95. Unnecessary storage cost

96. Unnecessary cost of API calls in Salesforce

97. Unnecessary cost of marketing automation records

98. Continual 40% decay rate of database each year

99. Extra $100 spent per dirty record

100. Missing out on 70% more revenue from clean data

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100 Consequences of Bad Data Standardization

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