Good customer data is hard to find and maintain. If you look at sales reps’ stats, you’ll find that more than 20% of their time is consumed doing research and finding data. But data is changing every day – phone numbers change, job positions are changed or replaced, Emails are updated, companies relocate, and so on…

The consequences of dirty data

Keeping your CRM database clean is an important part of administering this powerful system. If your data is dirty, inaccurate or incomplete, it could lower labor productivity by more than 20%! Real time, clean, constantly-changing data will get you ahead of the curve so your business can focus on success and not on setbacks.

Data cleaning, or data scrubbing, is an essential part of ensuring database entries are complete, accurate, and relevant. The procedures of data cleaning work to remove incorrect or inaccurate data, especially inside CRM systems. In most cases, the incorrect data is changed, updated or deleted altogether.

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Accurate data is a must

Running this process on a regular basis will keep databases correct and the data useful for intended purposes. Industries that rely heavily on accurate data include insurance, banking, retail, and telecommunications. Mistakes in data can be costly in terms of time, revenue, and productivity. They can also reduce the effectiveness of data used for building potential sales leads profiles to be consulted for marketing purposes.

Errors and incomplete data entries are fairly common, and they have a variety of causes. These can include human mistakes in data entry, a lack of uniform standards and rules for how data is entered in the first place, updates to database software that occasionally delete parts of entries, and outdated information.

Data cleaning solutions

RingLead’s data cleansing tool will save a great deal of time that would have otherwise been spent correcting errors one at a time manually. It can resolve data scrubbing problems for a variety of data types and the organizations that use them.

It can also correct corrupt data and merge incomplete entries, along with adding missing information in a uniform format in the database. To stay on top of error correction, the program also generates informative reports after each time data cleansing is finished.

Using our complete service suite, up to 95% of repeated data entries can be scrubbed, including customer contact information, sales leads, and B2B contacts.

Clean data will make day-to-day operations much easier for your sales staff, providing them with more comprehensive and accurate information about your company’s target customers. When it comes to effective data, this platform will keep all of your business data from various sources organized, consistent, and accurate.

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