Data Enrichment for Your CRM

What’s the point of having a massive data bank if it isn’t going to do anything to help your business?

Data quality is one of the biggest problems in today’s big data landscape. Data is often incomplete or incorrect and this becomes a massive problem when trying to turn all this information into revenue.

So how can you make sure that your data is complete and has all the proper information?

RingLead DMS Enrichment offers real time data enrichment for all existing and incoming leads, contacts and accounts, so your team can spend less time doing research and more time making returns on your polished and improved data.

Based on as little as a name and a company, Enrichment can add everything including a verified email address, company size, annual revenue and a direct dial phone number, the fastest way to reach somebody, to new and existing data.

Enrichment then verifies this data through a number of premium data vendors to validate that you are receiving the most recent and accurate information about your leads. 

After the data is verified, Enrichment normalizes this data so every piece of data in your CRM looks the same way. All added names, urls, phone numbers, company names, cities, states and more are properly standardized and easily searchable. 

RingLead DMS Enrichment also includes an Intelligent Web Form, a unique feature that reduces the number of fields that a user has to fill out on a web form, but still returns the same amount of data as if they had filled out over 20 different fields. Users hate filling out field after field, so giving them less to fill out on a form will drastically reduce your form abandonment rate and result in more high-quality leads. 

Allow us to further explain in just three minutes: 

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