Every year, companies allocate a tremendous amount of time and money on their CRM and marketing automation platforms. Unfortunately the true value in these platformsthe customer and prospect data – gets completely forgotten.

My data: It loves loves me notWe think this is heartbreaking, so we’ve come up with four ways that you can show your data some love.

1. Make the Commitment: Establish Data Ownership

Your data may already be sending you an ultimatum by way of questionable reporting, the inability to segment based on certain criteria, or mixed messaging that is being automated via your marketing automation platform. This is your data’s way of telling you that it needs a commitment. Create a task force or decide on the person(s) internally who will own your CRM and marketing automation data. With tools like ours, you don’t need a Ph.D in data quality to ensure a swift data cleanup and ongoing maintenance.

2. Workflows can Wait: Put Data First

Oftentimes people get caught up in the allure of a CRM or marketing automation platform and forget that the real value in these systems is the data. Make sure that you strike a balance and think about data maintenance as much or more as you think about automation within these systems. For more on this topic, download our new whitepaper: Put Data First.

3. Be Faithful to Each Record: Practice Duplicate Prevention

If you’ve already embarked upon a data cleansing initiative, make sure that you have access to the tools and processes that will enable you to keep your data clean. Tools like Unique Entry, Unique Upload and Unique-Web-to-Lead can be put in place to ensure that duplicate records are handled at the point of entry, which is preferable over your other option: allow infidelity and try to cover your tracks later with a retroactive merge.

4. Spice Things Up: Try Data Enrichment

Why allow bland, unfulfilled records to sit in your database? Customer inquiries from web forms, data pushed in via API or imported from tradeshow lists can be missing crucial information, leaving you with sparse, incomplete records. For instance, your web form may only collect a name, email, website, and job title.

Wouldn’t you like to automatically append industry, phone, address, and more information for that one record? But why stop there – you should be able to pull the whole company org chart into your database, on demand, so that your sales rep can identify additional influencers or decision makers, and your marketing automation platform can start working its magic on the whole organization.

You and your data might like Profiler, the newest addition to the RingLead product line, which allows for semi-automated data enrichment using the freshest information source possible: the internet. Click here to learn more about Profiler.

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