Joseph Morgan, President and CEO of Standard Register, once said, “If you have the right data at the right time, you can absolutely accelerate your business.” Real time, clean, constantly-changing data will get you ahead of the curve so your business can focus on success.

However, clean customer data is hard to find and maintain, and it all comes down to data quality. Lack of data quality across your organization leads to wasted time, money and resources resulting in lower engagement, deliverability and conversion rates. Here are the steps to ensure total data quality, in a quick and easy cheat sheet. Marking the boxes on this data quality checklist will help you cover all of the aspects of bad data, from missing data, to invalid data, to duplicates.

Print this data quality checklist, post it on your wall, and start marking off those boxes.

Analyzing Data Quality Checklist

Analyzing is about understanding the overall state of your data. In other words, how dirty is your database? Analyzing the state of your database requires you to ask yourself the following questions: How bad is our duplicate situation? Where are the duplicates coming from? Here are the key steps to analyzing your data.


Without performing a comprehensive data cleanse, you’re off to a poor start. Businesses accrue up to 30% duplicate records every year if not actively managed. Duplicate data is the leading cause of inflated CRM and marketing automation storage costs, and results in poor lead scoring, segmentation and routing. By cleaning out the bad data in your database, you’ll be able to quickly and easily align sales and marketing initiatives and increase overall ROI.

Clean your data at the duplicate and accuracy levels with these steps:

Duplicate Data:

  •  Clean out all duplicates currently inside your CRM or Marketing Automation System
  •  Merge all duplicates
  •  Normalize the remaining data by creating a schema/naming convention for your database to ensure all data follows the same formatting and structure, i.e. “Director of Marketing” vs “Dir. Marketing” and “N.Y.” vs “New York”

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Now that you’ve removed the duplicates, and standardized your database, you must make sure these issues don’t return. Without a protection strategy, your data will continually decay. Not only do phone numbers, emails and titles change, but as your employees are entering data into your CRM, they are creating duplicates and entering data inconsistently. For example, if a record is imported from a trade show list, it is created manually via a sales user, and created again via a web form submission. Now this user exists in the CRM three times. Protecting your data from future duplicates ensures a standardized approach to your data entry process.

Protect your database from duplicates with these steps:

Duplicate Data Protection:

  • Protect your database from duplicates from manual entry in your Salesforce
  • Protect your database from duplicates from web forms
  • Protect your database from duplicates in list uploads

Try RingLead DMS Duplicate Prevention to stop all duplicates from entering your system in real-time from 3 different entry points. 


Without enhancing your existing data, you limit your data potential. Additional contact and firmographic information will help to complete the records information, giving you a 360-degree view of the contact. It ensures the data is accurate by verifying the email addresses and saving your salespeople time from sending bad emails. When sales teams, customer success teams and other employees do not have access to a complete record, they waste time looking in external systems and on the internet in search of that contact information.

Here’s how to achieve that sense of completeness.

Targeted List Building:

  •  Automate list building for target companies
  • Export Leads directly into your CRM

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Enrich Data:

  •  Enrich records with individual contact data: email address, mobile number, direct dial, social profiles, title, bio, etc.
  •  Enrich records with individual company data: revenue, employee count, HQ address, HQ phone number, etc.
  • Verify contact data (email, phone, mailing address, etc.)

Continue to Complete Missing Data:

  • Regularly populate your data with new industry information, such as new businesses
  • Regularly update your data with new company information, such as phone and email
  • Regularly update your data with new contact information, such as title, social profiles, bio, etc.

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How many items did you mark off your data quality checklist? Keep coming back to this page (or print it out) to get all the boxes checked.

Need help on your data quality journey? Talk with a certified RingLead representative today to learn more about how our Data Management Solutions can help you reach your data quality goals!

Data Quality Checklist

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