Steve Lucas – CEO of Marketo

“Data quality and Marketo go hand in glove”


In this video, Steve Lucas -CEO of Marketo- discusses 

    • precision marketing
    • data quality
    • and driving real ROI from your marketing campaigns


On Data Quality & Precision Marketing

Well I mean, data quality and Marketo go kind of hand in glove. When I hear people talk about precision marketing, if your starting point is not data and data quality, you’re not doing precision marketing. You can never accomplish that. So for me, when you’re thinking about targeting the right accounts, talking to the right individual, making sure that all of your activities are driving real ROI, it begins and ends with data quality.

On Data Quality & the Digital Profile

I define data quality … Well, the way I think about data quality is how, really how precise is the information that you have relative to your objective outcome.  

And what I mean by that is, I mean data quality can take on many forms. Data quality could simply be: Do I have the right names and addresses of people?

But the reality is in today’s world, when I say a digital persona or profile: it literally can have thousands, even tens of thousands of attributes across demographic, firmOgraphics psychographic data … So how do you make sure that all of those attributes are not just accurate at one point in time – but they’re accurate in an evergreen sense?

That’s data quality.

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