When Adobe acquired Marketo late last year, everyone in the MarTech space knew the 2019 Summit was going to be big; but no one imagined just how huge this event would be. A staggering 17,000 people showed up to Summit- everyone from CMOs to Marketo Experts, Power Users, and Champions.

“there’s this huge strategic unlock of all of the capabilities that Adobe has curated and built for the past decade -ads, analytics, content, commerce- and then merging that with Marketo, it really unlocks an entirely new landscape for B2B marketers”

Steve Lucas | CEO | Marketo

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17,000 Marketers – One Community

These videos feature renowned experts and thought-leaders who discuss:

  • What is unique about the Marketo community
  • How to involve yourself more in the space and how to become an expert
  • What is your favorite thing about the Marketo Community?
  • Where and Who did you look to for guidance when you got started using Marketo?

“my favorite thing about the Marketo community are the people. I absolutely love the people. I can say that all of them are my friends, and we connect on all types of levels. So whether that’s personal levels relationship, working professional levels, that people are just great.”

Chelsea Kiko | Marketo Certified Solutions Architect | 3x Marketo Champion

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User Groups: Turning the Customer Experience into a Community Experience


A major theme of this year’s Adobe Summit was the importance of the customer experience. And there is no better example of a more immersive customer experience than Marketo User Groups, which Marketo defines as “region-specific meetings that are by customers for customers.”

MUGs give members of the Marketo community the opportunity to fully engulf themselves within a shared learning space in major cities around the globe.

“I remember when I was starting out in Marketo years ago. It [Marketo User Group] was probably the number one resource that I could tap into as a new user to try to find out the answers to common questions you have when you’re new to the system”

Rusty Hall | Dallas MUG Leader

“I would say definitely sign up and join your local user group. If you don’t have a user group in your area, there are also virtual user groups you can join. The Marketo community is a great place. Ask any questions that you have. Someone will answer.”

Iryna Zhuravel | Director, Digital Marketing Operations at Juul Labs

“It lets me connect and get some expertise and opinions and ideas in place that I wasn’t able to within my own organization. And that’s what really got me started and connected into the users group community”

Brooke Bartos | Chicago MUG Leader

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