Discussing RevOps and Sales Engagement With Max Altschuler

Discussing RevOps and Sales Engagement With Max Altschuler

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Everyone is talking about RevOps right now. This new approach to business operations coordinates marketing, customer success, and sales teams to fulfill one crucial goal – drive more revenue.

With the increasing need for aligning revenue-generating teams and optimizing workflows, one thing’s for sure: technology is the best way to keep up.

“The future of sales is leveraging technology,” says our guest Max Altschuler. In 2013, he founded Sales Hacker, a global online publication and media company for B2B Sales professionals. He has over 65 companies in his portfolio that he advised or invested in, including Outreach, Bombora, Gong, Drift, Carbon Health, Cleanshelf, to name a few.

After he took over as a VP of Marketing and then of Sales Engagement at Outreach, the company became the number one Sales Engagement platform used by reps and trusted by execs at industry-leading companies.

In the latest episode of RevOps Trailblazers, Max joins our host Jaime Muirhead to discuss the correlation between RevOps and sales engagement, the role of technology in sales, and his predictions for the future of the customer lifecycle.

RevOps and sales engagement are woven together

Since the resurgence of revenue operations, sales engagement has been a significant part of this business function. RevOps, sales engagement, marketing, data space are all overlapping at numerous levels.

Max says now is the first time we see businesses investing good money in sales technology, which wasn’t the case before. Marketing and sales teams had to operate on low budgets, with limited efficiency and small innovation ability. Luckily, the times have changed.

Investing in the right tech stack has become the crucial step to accelerating revenue growth. Sales engagement platforms like Outreach help align the tech stack under RevOps.

“In sales engagement, we power workflows, those workflows create data, that data creates insights, and those insights allow you to optimize your workflows, and it creates a flywheel for us. The more we can bring the other technology sets, the more data we can bring in from all across your tech stack, the better it will help you optimize the workflows of your reps, your teams, your organizations, all across the board,” explains Max.

The future of sales is leveraging technology

Max stresses the importance of technology in scaling your business. He remembers the good old door-to-door sales when salespeople didn’t have any other resources but a notebook, pen, and car. What would happen if they continued going door to door, even after the phone was invented? Well, they would miss out on the considerable potential to close the deal over the phone. Faster and more efficiently.

The technology keeps evolving, and businesses need to keep up to succeed.

Max says the future of sales is leveraging technology. “It’s about building your sales, tech stack, and taking advantage of all the things that you have at your fingertips.”

When founding Sales Hackers, he had to rely on technology and turn it into their competitive advantage. Their goal was to generate more revenue, using fewer resources, hence the name Sales Hackers.

Align your team and your KPIs

How did Outreach lean into RevOps? According to Max, it’s because of the company mindset and culture. The great alignment between marketing and sales teams has always intertwined in their work.

Marketing and sales teams collaborating to drive revenue is what RevOps is all about. There’s no room for the blame game in business development and growth.

Jaime adds another critical alignment to the mix, and it’s the KPIs alignment throughout departments. When asked about the key metrics to measure success at Outreach, Max’s answer is pretty simple. “At a high level, the only thing that matters is revenue.” That’s why it’s called RevOps.

The benefits of asynchronous CRM

Outreach helps businesses save time, money, and energy. How do they do it? Through automation and artificial intelligence.

Max asks himself about the sales engagement future. Can we become an asynchronous CRM? Can CRM become more than a data warehouse? How can we allow sales reps to do what only they can do in a sales process while letting technology take care of the rest?

“What if we just captured all of that information, encrypted it, and then we parsed it all out for you, we told you where in the deal cycle you were, based on best practices and things we heard about sales cycles at certain points.”

Instead of companies investing in making the data entry process more straightforward and note-taking more effortless, they should focus more on building asynchronous CRM.

Max makes an interesting comparison to visiting the doctor’s office and having them re-type into their computer what you already wrote, by hand, about your symptoms. You have to admit, it sounds pretty time-consuming, and it looks like we could find a more suitable solution.

Technology is our friend. We need to learn how to make the most out of it.

Max adds, “We want to give you back the time to do the things that only humans need to do in a sales process.” We’re looking forward to seeing him succeed!

This article is based on an episode of RevOps Trailblazers, a podcast for revenue operations leaders who want to advance the role of RevOps in their organizations. The podcast offers strategies and advice on implementing and growing revenue operations at companies large and small.

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Discussing RevOps and Sales Engagement With Max Altschuler

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