On its own, Capture is an unrivaled prospecting tool ideal for lead generation, custom list building and research.

Try Capture today and receive 50 FREE research credits and 100 FREE exports.

Lead generation remains at the forefront of the minds of sales and marketing professionals, which means it remains at the forefront of our developers’ minds, too.


Later this year, RingLead will integrate Capture into DMS, positioning Capture as the discovery component of its new flagship product. The integration will enable users to prospect and research using Capture, then normalize, clean and segment, within the same interface, using DMS.

In the meantime, Capture fans have the next release to look forward to. As customers witnessed with the February 2017 release of Capture 3.0, RingLead regularly leverages customer feedback to plan exciting features and upgrades. In fact, Alex Kazansky, Capture’s senior developer, is already hard at work testing upgrades for the next release.

Up Next for Capture:

  • Erecruit integration –By integrating with Erecruit, Capture empowers recruiting professionals to build qualified candidate lists and save directly to Erecruit for simplified workflows.
  • Ability to import/export custom fields from/to spreadsheets –This seemingly simple upgrade will dramatically improve Capture’s workflow by enabling users to quickly populate blank custom fields in spreadsheets, and vice versa.
  • Ability to find and research more job titles – Job titles are invaluable to sales and marketing professionals. Titles tell you who you’re speaking to: Is this person a key influencer? What do they care about most? Capture’s ability to find and research more job titles translates to more tailored, relevant content delivered by you to the right person with the right title.
  • Added duplicate search in another Capture list 
  • Salesforce Professional Edition integration

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