The question is: Using what data?

In a few weeks our Data Management Solutions software will be released, and the data industry will be forever changed.

What are we most excited about in this release? It’s hard to say. What we do know is that Data Enrichment is at the top of that list.

We are so confident in our technology that we guarantee the highest firmographic match rate in the industry.

With Data Enrichment we provide you with valuable firmographic data about your customers and prospects to help you sell and market more efficiently, and maximize ROI on sales and marketing investments. We match up to 35 fields with our Firmographic Append. The enriched data we provide you with offers a complete picture of a company, including everything from industry and size, to annual revenue and SIC Codes. Our sophisticated tool performs a real-time web crawl of the Internet and multiple databases to also bring you links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, so you can connect with customers and prospects on social media and build lasting relationships.

All of the data we provide leads to stronger marketing and sales campaigns by allowing you to more efficiently target segmented audiences, plan more relationship-driven strategies, and maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) potential. Enriched data allows your sales representatives to enter a call with a better understanding of the buyer, increasing the likelihood of a closed deal. Similarly, the data we provide allows marketing directors to more efficiently engage with customers on social media and through email campaigns by providing complete pictures of buyers.

Data Enrichment will be offered as an add-on feature to DMS. DMS will be released on April 1. For more information, or to beta test the platform, please email Todd Schmitt at

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