Does Your Data Management Provider Support ABM?

RingLead DMS does.

In selecting a data quality solution, one of the most important questions to consider is:

Does this solution fully support our organization’s sales and marketing initiatives?

Finding a solution to dedupe and normalize your database is one thing. Finding a solution that features the sophisticated lead-based routing required for ABM or advanced marketing strategies is another thing entirely. Many applications can help you clean and normalize your database, few can help you leverage your database.

RingLead customers often say the ease at which they can implement successful ABM strategies with DMS is among the reasons they love RingLead. We don’t blame them.

Truthfully, there’s no doubt about it; ABM isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

DMS is made to grow your business by ensuring data quality and increasing ROI on sales and marketing investments. So in essence, DMS is made to support ABM.

Here are 6 simple ways we do it:

  1. Improve Account-based Lead matching and Lead and Contact routing
  2. Enforce logic on list imports, web submissions, and on batches of historical data
  3. Segment target Accounts into verticals and territories by appending and validating firmographic data
  4. Configure limitless matching algorithm to match Accounts to Leads for your specific company’s requirements
  5. Link every Marketo lead to the right Salesforce Accounts and add all Account fields to the Marketo lead, marketing now has access to all of the company information
  6. Alert sales representatives when there is a new Lead linked to a target account and convert the Lead to a Contact

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