Every year since 2003, Salesforce puts together a Dreamforce experience that always seems to get bigger, more innovative, and more buzzworthy.

Salesforce’s cornerstone event brought together technologists, thought leaders, industry pioneers, and Trailblazers to have fun, network, and learn about the future of the ecosystem.

With more than 171,000 attendees and 13 million online viewers, there is no shortage of people you can ask about their Dreamforce takeaways. But just in case you missed out, here are some of our takeaways from the Salesforce experience conference 2019.

Salesforce Tower: the tallest building in San Francisco.

Customer 360 Truth

Dreamforce Keynotes are famous for big product announcements and updates. In years past, Benioff and company have announced major innovations like Lightning, the Marketing Cloud, and even Einstein.

Co-CEOs Marc Benioff, Keith Block, and other senior Salesforce persona kicked off Dreamforce with a bang on Tuesday, delivering an opening keynote for the ages. From protestors to product announcements, there was a lot to unpack from the Dreamforce launch.

But one of the most buzzed-about topics of the keynote was the announcement of Customer 360 Truth – enhancements to Customer 360 (announced at Dreamforce 2018) across five products: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and its development platform.

So what exactly is Customer 360 Truth?

According to the official press release “Customer 360 Truth is a new set of capabilities that allow companies to connect, authenticate and govern customer data and identity across Salesforce. Now, with a complete view and deeper understanding of every customer, companies can deliver more personalized customer experiences” 

Customer 360 Truth gives Salesforce users the ability to establish a single ID by piecing together customer data stored across various platforms, digital channels, and touchpoints.

For you #AwesomeAdmins out there, there’s a Trailhead course on the Customer 360 data manager. Watch the announcement and the rest of the opening keynote here.

It’s all about the data

Unification and single customer views are becoming increasingly important as a part of the digital transformation, and it seems that Salesforce is committed to bringing it to their platform. With their recent acquisitions of Mulesoft and Tableau, Salesforce certainly has data governance in their roadmaps.

Data is an important part of everything we are doing and everything you are doing as our customers. – Marc Benioff

Data governance and data privacy are two key topics that will be brought to the forefront of community thought in the coming future. Salesforce announced Data Mask— a new way to keep sandbox data secure in the wake of stringent new data privacy regulations.

Achieving a Single Source of Truth

Salesforce has always been customer-obsessed. If Dreamforce is any indication, this customer-centricity will continue with this new holistic approach to customer relationship management. One of the key drivers of the release of Customer 360 Truth, as mentioned above, is to unite all your data points to build a single view of your customer.

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Salesforce aims to put an end to siloed data with Customer 360 Truth.

Is Data Hygiene the Future?

Salesforce will continually build and expand their platform with the single source of truth in mind. The rise of digital channels and new data sources has enabled many organizations to make better use of their data by giving business users real-time access to information assets. Customer 360 Truth shows that data’s role in the CRM will grow as the platform looks toward new innovations.

“In the future, we’ll roll out solutions to address how data is kept clean across multiple environments — along with how this affects partners and systems integrators”

This addresses a key topic that comes up in all Salesforce discussions, keeping the data clean. Customer 360 is great for getting a single source of truth, but what if that source is actually false? As Salesforce aims its vision towards data cleanliness, many may wonder how they can achieve clean data now.

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